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any1 on a dialup and NOT always being disconnected ?

Lara C.

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just out of curiosity.

To all you who play on a 56k dialup.....what ping-times are your servers ? Mine are always under 300, like 220 or so...i use the official servers or goonies, servers with a ping under 300.

Do you also always get disconnected on full servers when there's a lot of action going on ?? What are your average stay times in a game ?

(NOT counting crashes...) Just the normal timouts.....

I am just curios to know whether others have the same problems..i like thaat game very much but right now i am at a point were i just cant play because all the disconnects.

(Otherwise decent PC)

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I'm also on dialup myself.

Since some of the determining factors are your location in relation to the serv and your ISP, me being from Greece, I'm usually around 360ms on US servs and 260ms on UK ones. Oddly enough, whenever I try the Goonies serv, I'll get sky-high pings such as 750-800ms :S.

Now of course because of your slow con you should be aiming for non-full servers, or some that can host a max of 8-12 players (like the old .2.2 official one which I really miss :(). More than that will probably make for much worse gaming and for higher pings and IMO would be kinda pointless.

Disconnects, CRC timeouts and crashes are unfortunately always in the game. Personally on average I'll get one or another around every 15 mins or so, but I can't really say it hinders my gaming to any considerable extent. I'm more worried about cheaters and the general lack of proper/sufficient admining than any of that.

Just my 2 eurocents...

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