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Terrible performance

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i would have posted this in the "report bugs and errors forum" but thats for moderators only. nice logic.

I have 3 PC's on a network, all are perfectly suitable for running GTAVC, all on winXP, but when i try a LAN game, the games are SO out of sync it is impossible to play, eg:

i emptied 4 clips of machine gun ammo into my friend, he then got into an already blown up car and sped off into some water

on HIS screen, i was sliding around on the floor lying down, so he got in a slightly damaged car and drove along a road.

later on, he got in the car with me, i drove it off a cliff and jumped out just before, killing him

on HIS screen, i drove up to the edge, got out and then ran into the water, killing myself

can you see how ridiculous this is? 1.8GHz vs 2.4GHz, so its not like my computers can't handle it, noone else seems to have this. its the same on GTAVC 1.0 or 1.1, or MTA 2 or 3. or 3.2.

any suggestions anyone? :(

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let me tell ya something , your pc's are fu**cked up !

LOL . cause i have a network with 4 pc's . All work fine . Exept for the slidding down on the ground thing (an mta thing ...) But its all working fine .

and when you jump out of the car , that is not yet sync'ed .

The rest , is perfect. when a player turn on one pc , you can see him turning on the other . When you shoot ONE bullet . it hits the player perfectly .

All of the pc's are equiped with GTAVC 1.0 . Win XP , 512mb-1gig ram , intell pentium 4 (one of the 4 pc's is intel celeron) , 1.8GHz (intel celeron is 1.20) . Almost same as yours , and i dont have those probs

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my network setup is a 10-100 MB ethernet cat5 with a hub, theres no internet sharing. the pings i get in most games are about 3-10 (don't often check) and transfer rate of about 500MB a minute (could be limited by pc?)

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It could be a crap network card actually. One of my machines has a new motherboard with 10/100 LAN built-in and the other has a Belkin 10/100 card which is about 2-3 years old.

Do you reckon getting a better network card for each (i.e. the expensive ones that you can get for servers) would fix this problem?

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yep, server 3 and client 3.2. but it was always doing that. Is port 2003 right for my rj45 cat 5 ethernet?

Ive tried using one computer as a sever and getting 2 others to join it, but its the same. driving seems ok (very jerky but in sync) but shooting is just silly.

or do i have to nuke myself? 8):shock::D

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my versions are cracked (nocd) would this make any difference? (well, except that it would be impossible to even start the game if they weren't) unless i felt like running around on my own without any traffic

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It is nothing to do with the specifications of your PC's and everything to do with the fact that MTA is beta.

Cars are not syncd when they have no driver, you bail it will stop for the other players as soon as u exit it. Car positions and damage are not syncd when they are abandoned, therefore a car that died for you may not have died for others. As for shooting and missing there is an aiming offset thats covered in detail in the thread int he Useful Topics forum.

Next time SEARCH before posting such basic stuff

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