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I was thinking that some of you guys might like to describe your own videos in our database, or better yet describe some of your favorite videos, or any other video for that matter.

This is how you need to do it...

Go to our download database by going here:

http://www.thegamersalliance.com/php/mo ... =Downloads

Surf through until you find the file you want to write a description on (or you think the description should be changed) then click on "details" which appears right underneath the files current description...

Then on the details page right underneath where it says "Download Profile: FILENAME" click on where it says "Modify"...

Then you can add a description, change a description, change the catagory its in, change the homepage, change the author, change the file size... and so on

Feel free to do this to any file in our database, the only thing we do say is make sure that the description of each video is positive as a whole, it can have some bad comments like "bad camera angles" "old stunts" and so on, but don't be like "THIS IS THE WORST VIDEO EVER!!!"

Oh yeah, everything you change has to be approved by us, so don't waste your time trying to be an ass about files, because it will never make it to the main page. :wink: Also if your changing a description that already exists, we are only going to change it to your description if your description is better. So make it good.

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