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Good day everyone. Today we are glad to announce the renewal of MTA Cups which will be kept regularly from now on.

This is not a secret that MTA is no longer a good place for professional teams and players like it used to be. The lack of emulative spirit resulted in decline of interest to this game which caused players to leave.

That's our goal - to bring MTA back competitive gameplay experience. Nothing is over now, the time to make history is came. The history which will be written by you.

Before we'll turn the page I'd like to return to some old stuff - to the first season of MTA Cup, to be specific, which was started in autumn, 2011 and finished in april, 2012, but wasn't properly closed. Despite the organisational issues (which will be fixed in new seasons) we still got a winner and a runner-up which are Bpb*> and [E.Sptr] respectively. From now onwards the teams who took the top places will be given some additional forum graphics as a keepsake. Congratulations!

MTA Cup 01 scoreboard



Now, the most exciting part. The sign-up for MTA Cup II and MTA World Cup I has officially started, that means you can go check the rules, additional info if needed, and apply your team or your country's national team. Good luck to all applicants!

MTA Cups Page

MTA Cups Rules

Server, Gamemode and Config Related

MTA CUP II - Sign Up!


MTA Cups Referee Team

Apply For a Referee!

Discussions And Feedback

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You might want to make these forum topics publicly visible, as I can not even browse them. It does not make any sense to force people to register on your website just so they can read the basic information about the cups. Not to mention that this also discourages new teams from participating in those events.

Good luck otherwise. The MTA:SA community could use some more competitive gaming activities.

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MTA Cup group stage is starting shortly. Read more

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