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DOS'ed server -> Keyboard problem...?


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Twice now i've been in a server that was flooded, but thats not what this is completely about, after it floods and crashes, it seems as tho my keyboard is either locked in the game, or in the crashed client, it ends out that i have to reboot to type into anything. I have decent tech knowledge, and can't seem to find any plausible conclusion other than this.

Is there perhaps a known bug that the mta team might be working on, or is this just an isolated happening?

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Most probably it has only happened to you.

What did you do to try n fix it? Did you go to the Device Manager with the mouse and try to reinstall they keyb driver or something? Did you try to look at the running processes and see whether there was something wrong there, something that shouldn't be running like two instances of MTA perhaps? Maybe killing the explorer process and restarting it as a new task would help. Also you could take a look @ the event logs (apps & sys log per se) with the event viewer and see whether MTA returned something really nasty to the OS. Or check the services list and see if the PnP one stopped (there's a stretch if I ever suggested one!)...

Note: all of the above (brainstorming/brainfarting) are of course speculative guesswork, but can be done with the mouse alone, provided that your desktop didn't suffer any significant blows itself, such as it being frozen, or the taskbar/explorer thread not responding. So if you're still having probs with that, you could try em I suppose.

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