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What do you guys do in your spare time??


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I am a computer technician and network specialist working in the Pacific Northwest of USA. I spend my time reading the Inq' and computer news as well as wardriving... oh yeah, that and depressing people. Gotta do that.

rebel, re: "lock the forum" - you're not alone. Look around.. Damned close-minded bhabalkjdsaf....

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Go to that shite hole called "School", when I come home I do severa things, many are forced at Gun point:

House Chores- these come before any Internet time, my mum shouts and balls at me for doing bugger all in the house so now I have to leave sum time behind to do dishes, walk dogs, light fires (Arrest me, im an Arsonist) hoover house, tidy up Step-dads mess in living room (hash tins, Used car mags, Engine parts ect) and loads more stuff.

Spare Time- Games, I play Manhunt on the PS2 alot. I have several games for PC, many are my brothers but i'll name em all:

GTA:Vice City (Naw!)

Republic the Revolution (Flex my Megalomaniac Muscle)

Call of Duty

C&C: Generals (broken)

" ": Zero Hour

Sim City 4: Rush Hour (Yes, I am one of these gimps thats addicted to strategy games)

Dance Ejay 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (Ejay addict)

Hip Hop Ejay 4 (Gettin into it)

The Sims (its not mine, HONEST!)

(Now to certain broken and Out of date games)

Sim City 3000

Gangsters 2

Enter the Matrix

And the rest are broken!

The I listen to music, Rock is best:

Led Zeppelin


Pink Floyd

These guys kick ass :arrowup:

I hate R&B coz its shiat :wink:

Then I go to bed and watch Horror movies untill 3am, then I wake up at 7:00am to get to school.


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