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you want a network edition?  

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    • only with walking people on my network

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the team is trying to implement boats planes....

if i was you i wouldnt wait for a lan only version with synched peds and traffic, even if it was possible, i think its too much work only for a lan version

maybe wait for the next gta and hope R* make a good job

plz use the icon_mini_search.gifSearch function next time

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And about the Skimmer: The Skimmer is a vehicle on water. And currently all vehicles which touch water in MTA explode. So that's why there are no boats by now.

im pretty sure thats not the reason there are no boats in mta,i think the code that make cars blow up when they go lower than z: -1 or -2 or whatever has been added by the team to make the cars respawn...so playing around with a trainer wont give us boats, its much more complex

better smoke your trainer and be patient

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Why not make a network edition up to 2-4 players?

only playable on lan or something.

local are networks a fast enough too have walking and driving people!

and a suggestion for mta i heard off 64 people:

Can you place a skimmer or 2 skimmers in mta?

LANs aren't fast enough to see things smoothly. I played with 3 machines, one being dedi and the other connecting. We both had a 1ms ping, and there was still a big lag while being a passenger.

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