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Suggestions for MTA:VC v0.4


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For MTA:VC v0.4

1. Show with the killed-command which weapon was used.

2. And hopefully some Icons of weapons or other things..?

3. A command to set scores (handy for every game-mode script)

4. And some legal colors! (Handy for teams)

5. A kill-player command for admins ('s idea)

6. A command to the admin when the player spawned and what skin

7. Kick reason :)

8. and not "blah parts." if somone floods and get kicked but "blah kicked: flooding." :)

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and fix that crashing thing cos it uses 2 much expansion memory

then goes all black on me???

and should be better and bigger servers which allow 40 ppl at a time in

and probs a new game such as hang man who ever gets killed first has 2 kill10 ppl with out dieing

that would be cool

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make better synchronization between players with different pings if that is possible :)

ps and some crazy admin tool that will ban player forever and ip change not gonna help him..uuu. that gonna be sweet... mta server without cheaters..my dream :twisted:

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