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FEW Quick questions.

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Got a FEW quick questions..

Is GTA3:MTA More popular then MTA:VC, Or not.

Is MTA 0.4, bein released for JUST GTA3, or is it bein released for both?

What are the max players allowed in one server?I hear 32, then I hear 96.

Is Lag ever a big issue? Or is it kinda like counter strike..Usually lag free.

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mta vc is the more popular at the moment as it is much newer and much more advanced

mta 0.4 will be both mods in one brought up to the same level (same core tech)

current max players in mta:vc is 26, previously it was 32 which we hope to return to in 0.4

as for lag thats a silly question, depends on your connection, the servers connection, your location in relation to the server, what other things u are using your bandwidth for, net traffic etc etc.

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