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alright a while ago dealer hosted a tournament, and for the most part it came out quite well. Since noone else has come forward to host this one i am going to start it instead. Wether this tournament is a success or not depends on the clans supporting it.

If you wish to participate then leave your name here, games will be on weekends at times arranged between everyone. There will be one game per week, or possibly two depending on how active the clans can be. the matches will be using the "old" tournament rules, unless both gangs agree to use the script. We have the servers for this should kfc choose to lend thiers to :wink:

clans are given a week to sign up, and are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Lets get this party started 8)

-entered clans














1. wtf vs fbi

2. vces vs ulk-b

3. lr vs tmm

4. ulk-a vs 411

5. fmj vs vck

6. sm vs kfc


depending on servers first 3 games (1-3) will start on the ulk private and kfc private servers at 8pm gmt time. and then the last 3 will start 2 hours later (10 pm gmt time). ransom has a time zone converter if you dont know what time etc it is. If your gang isnt able to make it then talk to the gang you are supposed to be playing and arrange something ASAP.

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awesome, added u to the list

the old rules are simple -

there are 3 rounds, one attack one defend and one free for all. when go is called the attacking team proceeds strait to the defending base and attacks it, last team surviving wins. then vice versa for round 2. and for round 3 they just have a all out war on go. the only other rules are you cannot pick up any weapons before go, and cheating = disqualified.

all clans wait for go before each round (each clan goes to a chosen location as fast as possible (no detering) before go, and when both clans are ready go is called and the match begins. when you die your out, and last man standing wins. thats all there is to it 8)

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should both gangs agree to schedule thier match during a weekday the same week i dont see a problem with that, times are up to the 2 gangs that are playing, they just need to be played within a one week timeframe

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