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xG 1vs1 DM Battle Tournament! [GREAT PRIZE]

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No shortcuts (SC);

No cheating/hacking;

No spectators(we'll do a livestream of some matches);

5 Rounds, each player chooses 2 maps, in case of draw a random will be played;

No spray(hunter fight);

No insults;

Camping won't be allowed and the referee might blow you;

You will have around 10 minutes to appear in your match, if not you will be disqualified;

Don't spam the forums, it must be used to sign up and nothing else.


If you are interested to sign up, post here: ... eat-prize/

With your MTA nick and skype account.

We have 32 free slots for everyone and others 32 premiums slots, if you are buying a premium slot you must add on the post the e-mail of your paypal.

To buy a premium slot as you know will be 0.50€ and should be sent via paypal to: or click in the "donation" button at the right side. If we reach 64 slots, the price of one ticket would be 1.50€.

Good luck, GTA V is waiting for you!

Registration status:

[Free Slots: 25 available]

[Premium Slots: 32 available]

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