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MTA Cluster Server or linkible to a standard ircd

Guest HeruUh

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Thinking about general IRC misuse here and how Network Admins deal with the problem.

The same could work with MTA, if MTA was able to link a real IRCd domain, Being (Elite, Unreal based), making protocol linking easier.

There are windows versions of these IRds, so this would replace the Admin Panel. Leaving endless possibilities, Eggdrop bots to Mirc scripts, Registering with IRC Services, Custom Stats like MIRCstats, PHP support for any website.

Noob, Flooding, Packeting issues.

Akills from Services or Admin Glines, easier to police the server.

The nice thing about (IRCd linking is), regular IRC users will be able to see the action in text form...

Linking another MTA server, to an MTA server, I've noticed this somewhere else in the forum..

This would be cool for broadband users... having 2 or more servers linked.. 50 or more people online.

But somehow Dailup users would lose out.. because of there connection speed.

Anyway, I'll add some more comments later...

Congrets to the MTA team


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