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MTASA server in foreground/background via terminal?

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Hello, I looked forum and didnt find answer on my problem.

I started server on Debian 6 32bit on VPS. THERE IS NO XORG server, only terminal. I'm working with Putty

When I used


it runs in foreground and its ok.

When I used

./mta-server -d 

server starts demonized, and working well too.

So, my questions are:

- How can I put server in foregruond after ./mta-server -d command?


- How can I switch server background/foreground without stopping it? (Ctrl+Z and bg doesnt work, it says

./mta-server & 

and server is still stopped)

My goal is getting server console and take back server to background.

P.S. I have read topic "How to install the MTASA server on Debian 6.0 & 7.0 32/64bit" but it says nothing about situation with terminal only.

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