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Server wurde Gefloodet !! our Server was Fooding !!!!

Guest reeZZer

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Hi i am the Webmaster and ect. from ************** a MTAServer IP: *************** Port: 2003 and we are attacked from a Player i have a full log at the end was flooding the Server this is a Long log but this is being in One sec. this is not a day mtaserver.log

>>> *********************

Please Help us !!!

Thanks !!

EDIT: I have edit the Link sorry MTA Team

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I think kent from the mta team said they are working on it.

I don't see why these people have to be such fucking babies. For crying out loud, if you are so bad at a game you get so pissed off at the people who serve for it, christ maybe they need to stick to something like chess, keep their damn problems to themselves.

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