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Kill DJ GTA vol.2 Finished


What is the most important part of the movie?  

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  1. 1. What is the most important part of the movie?

    • Stunts
    • Story Line
    • Editing
    • Other

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Kill DJ GTA vol.2 Official Tread


Its finnaly done and upload due to Bloodmess13

/me hugs Bloodmess13


After a month of have no time for movies , AM BACK :D with Kill DJ GTA vol.2 . Here is a little tiny, puny taste of what to come :D :

Teaser Trailer

Download : Small Version - 5 Mbs

Teaser Trailer - 2

Download Trailer 2 <-Right click -save as..

1:40 mins long

17 Mms

Download Full Video

Download Now!

8:55 mins long

79 MBs

Current Progress

[10%] [20%] [30%] [40%][50%][60%] [70%] [80%][90%] [100%]

Shout out to xerox and all the SM Team and TGA

Thanks for all the feed back guys :D

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For this movie I really wanted to focused on the story line not the stunts as much. I really wanted to get the storyline out for vol.3 and get all the yummy stunt in there. I so be disappointed when there is not enough stunts 8) . also I wanted to improve on my editing skills as will, as shown in the movie.

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Yeah good video, but I still have some comments.

I think that some parts where a bit 2 long (part on the boat)

and mostly the stunts where not very impressive. music was not bad,

and the story was pretty good

for the stunts a 6.5/10

and for the editing a 7/10

storyline a 7.5/10

music a 8/10

so overall I would give it a 7/10

I'm waiting for vol 3 :D:D:D

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