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New Features! (gtat 0.5) ENJOY :)

Guest Draco_

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" ninety five thousand Players " is that on one server or too ? :?

LOL This is going to be a MESS . Imagine , Boats flying , Tommy masturbating . LOL , But it is going to be preatty cool :)


Check this out :

"- more than one guy in one car, yes, one guy in SEVEN cars at once!"

OK so .. i can drive seven cars at once ? how many monitors will i need ? LOL

And is it just me or , does some of this sounds impossible ?

**"twenty thousand cars, never have to run to find one again! you are ALWYS on top of one as there is no room left to walk on road" =The player wont fit in the game then ...

**"Kill ten people and get told the TRUE location of the KING. yes ELVIS! Uhuhuh! " = Hum ok ...

**"- Ingame menu that can be placed OUTSIDE your monitor. take it to the kitchen, the toilet, the garden! " = Yeay :D

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