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TGA Face Lift

What do you think of the new site?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the new site?

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Well, its the end of an erra for TGA. We have left our roots and finally given in to a new site design. The new site is already alot better as far as content and being able to find your way around.

New features:

~ Download section with descriptions and user rating system and comments (whoever adds the download can NOT rate there own file)

~ Top 10 downloaded files are listed on main page

~ Surveys

~ Users add there own download where they can enter there name, description, homepage, and put there file into its correct catagory

~ Downloads section search (search all files in all categories, description and filename)

~ ability to report broken links

There is alot more stuff just don't have the patience to list it all. Take some time to surf around a bit and i think you will find yourself right at home. Its pretty easy to navigate.

We will be continueing to add downloads with descriptions ofcourse. We currently have 20 but we have about 60 sitting on que waiting for descriptions to be added. We will keep adding them until the entire TGA library is listed in our downloads section.

Let us know what you think of the new site

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Extreme DeathMatch

Description: Excellent video from our russian friends. This video shows off alot of new spots and excellent editing. Deffinetly a must watch for anyone who calls themself a stunter!

Version: Filesize: 25.65 MB

Author: Infernus ???

Plzz,put this:

Author: Vice City Stuntmen Clan

Editing: Infernu

I not the author I only editor. :roll:

P.S. Nice design! :D

P.S.S Put Motor Rush on your site too,plzz... :roll:

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Plzz,put this:

Author: Vice City Stuntmen Clan

Editing: Infernu

P.S.S Put Motor Rush on your site too,plzz... :roll:

Ok, I fixed your author problem, and we will be getting to all the other videos (including motor rush) in due time. It just takes a while to write up the individual descriptions of each file. We are getting a few done everyday. We have 60 files waiting for descriptions and we got about 180 waiting to be brought into que. Its gonna take some time. Probably a little over a week and then it will be up and running better then ever.

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Lol @ the poll. I don't think you'll find anyone that won't like it (I hope :o).

Really good job with the look: banner & TGA font, colour skin, php menus & usability, all pretty sleek. A slight objection with the downloads logo (down-logo.gif): try to highlight it and you'll get the idea of what I think would be a better vers for it ;).

BTW that Apache serv file listing gets a bit annoying with the name sorting being case sensitive: you gotta go down from a to z and then you find out you haven't seen everything, cause there's the A-Z bunch. Bah really minor thing, off the top of my head since I was just there.

What else, what else? Hmmm...

Oh yeah, video details: I guess you could have some helpful/informative stuff there like software used (even soundtrack), video resolution, average bit rate, codec needed to play and other things that ppl could consider for various reasons (like when you're deciding on how to go with a vid of your own or something).

Survey Poll: I can't actually vote more than once, but there's no way to inform you that you've already voted.

Some downloads' filesize descriptions are 0 bytes instead of their actual size.

Downlaods->GTA Videos->"Glitchs" should read glitches :P.

Ok, enough proof-surfin. Now when you guys gonna get down to some serious business and get those vids like Stunt Mania 3, Stunt'd etc, etc back :)?

Also I made me an account for good measure, hope you don't mind :twisted:.

PS: How's your vid coming along?

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