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that namejacker ganjaman


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503ganjaman was impersonating kung earlier this evening thus crispy and i pwned him accordingly however it upsets me to a high degree that nothing is done about this other than crunch and i making him our bitch for 2 hours i mean i want like a responce from an admin an mta team member or something because i strongly believe that any and all namejackers should be brutaly penalized for any namejacking they do and whatever brutality is unleashed upon ganja or anyone else for that matter is justified

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yah well, this comes up often, and like with other fps games.. there is not a lot you can do about it

There are things that could happen, but that would require lots of coding and effort etc. I mean cs and quake have the same problems, but its not hard to determine who is a fraud

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He has done this before too

I am always in teamspeak so the KFC people know it's not me. Not to mention the fact that I have even heard ganjaman say that ganjaman cannot play MTA. He has a fixation with me, one of my stalkers. Ah it's just the price of fame I guess

I wish just once a guy would steal my name and own the server without ever talking crap then leave. I might not even complain but ppl who are good at MTA don't steal names they make them.

Ganjaman is lame and he also let's ppl into KFC while he pretends to be me. I never just tell anyone who wants to be in KFC to put on a tag. You have to be tryed out and approved by at least 3 KFC members before I even look at you. So if you see that happen it isn't me.

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