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mta:vc -some thoughts-

Lara C.

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first i have to say i really like mtavc, IMHO one of the best and most flexible multi-player games available ! I love the freedom you have in the game...eg. you can do stunts, you can race, you can shoot etc..etc... i have a great time...way more than i ever had in any other (action related) online-game !

BUT i think the most apaprent bugs must get rid of, at first the many crashes and disconnects...its incredible frustrating if you're in a game and you get a crash or disconnect always then when it gets 'good'....i

I just pray that these bugs are gone in 0.4

) I had some weird happenings because i prefer to drive in 1st person instead of with a cam behind the car....it just rocks !

The PROBLEM is you dont see when your car is on fire when you're in first person ! Please fix that.....it's only a little thing... (IMHO)

) And..again.....the player skins....which i am not happy with.

I dont like how the sailor looks and i am not big on the mexican.....i'd like eitehr a bigger range of skins or smeting like a free selection of characters and you can then also select what weapons you want for this or this character. More flexibility with the characters and weapons..i think that would be great.

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