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some suggestions ;)

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first time posting... not sure if these have been suggested yet... but here we go. first of all i like the idea of mutliplayer GTA, and i think it has potential.. but there are some important parts missing.

1. i think there should be a type of gameplay called pedestrian or something, where there are normal pedestrians like there are in single player. this would add a lot more fun to multi because while searching for other players you can just shoot up acouple pedestrians. i also think that inside of pedestrian mode there should be an option to turn off or on cops. so if you shoot up people cops start chasin you ;).

2. and also in multi there aren't really enough cars around.

3. i think there should also be boats around... i tried looking for boats but could not find any. same with guns, there should be more guns and weapons around.

4. you should also be able to ride in the passanger seats of cars, boats and helicopters.

5. i think there should also be stores like in single player where you can buy guns and other stuff.

please take these ideas into consideration... i think it would help to improve MTA a lot more.

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suggesting is ok but plz use the icon_mini_search.gifSearch function next time

1: read this for peds: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=6190&start=0

2:there are already as many cars in mta as possible, you cant just add as many as you want, vc has its limits...

3: not possible atm, the team is trying to implement them. i dont know about the guns, maybe its the same as with the cars

4: just press the "change camera" button when you're close to the passenger door (check your control options)

5: read for example this one: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=5785&start=0

most of your points are in work (if possible) and discussed all over the board

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