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Chat with the MTA team in the OFFICIAL chat room!


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You can point your IRC client to irc.quakenet.org and join #GTA3MTA

Or take a MUCH EASIER WAY of using the official MSN chat room, all you need is a MSN passport!

MSN Chatroom

To be fair, and you have like Mozilla, you dont need anything seperate to get on irc, just click here. This also works if you've got mIRC or something else installed that suports irc links.

If you want to use IRC, the HARD WAY, you can go to http://www.mirc.com and download the latest mIRC (currently 6.03, the only thing they ever have is the latest). Then you can start it up and put in a Real Name and Email, dont use your real name but your real email is fine, and two nicknames (like IRCnewb1 and IRCnewb2). Then you can click OK and in the STATUS WINDOW, its the only window open on what looks like the windows taskbar, and type the following

/server irc.quakenet.org

Now after all the moving text stops, you can do this

/join #GTA3MTA

and you'll be chatting!

Just type in the box at the bottom, known as the textbox, to talk. It's pretty straightforward.

Also, heres an extra tip, if you want to change your name while you're connected, just type this (replacing NEWNAME with the name you want)


And there you go! :)

You should pin this!

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