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New Vice City Stunt Videos

Guest _Infernu[S]_

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Deathmatch was very good edited so I give it: 9/10 for the editing.

But sadly you used mods and you modded your PCJ (yes I see the difference) So overall you get a 5/10 for it. :evil:

The Motor Rush video was VERY good. Very original stuff and I didn't see mods (I could be wrong) so I give it 9/10 for editing, 7/10 for music and 8/10 overall. :roll:

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Deathmatch was very good edited

Thanks! Editing is made by me :roll:

But sadly you used mods and you modded your PCJ (yes I see the difference)

Because it was our first video :wink:

Thanks for downloading and viewing our videos! :wink:

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The movie where really good. 8) But I think it's a pitty you used mods. :cry: If you didn't it would have been even better. :wink: So now you know what to change when you make your next video. :D

If however you deside to use mods, which I did in Caddy Chaos, you should tell you did and don't show off with stunts that look very good. :lol: Just tell you used mods and there's no sweat. :)

but a very good job on the editing... I can't stress this enough. :wink:

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Lol, it's in his sig already (hover over the big banner), but he likes to remind ppl every so often :P.

Anyway, about the movie (only seen MR yet): yeah, pretty much what most ppl said. Very good editing and music followed suit. Loved the silver PCJ parts too. Just the fact that in some stunts it was made painfully obvious your PCJ's were modded kinda took some of the fun out of it. IMO you guys have some real skill and you probly don't need that shit, so yeah next vid try with a clean handling file ;) (the carcols you can leave edited; always nice to see some black infernus, or PCJ play around). That PCJ clip when you launched off an airstrip label, hit the chopper and got some rotation was definitely one of the weirdest things I've seen - and I've seen a lot.

One more thing: I could tell in some clips the zoom was closer than in others. Was that done post-capture or during? And if the latter is the case, was it done by the known cam hack proggy? I didn't know it worked in replays too (well, haven't really tried it yet, but... yeah ok :o). If it was done during editing, what software did you use?

Anyway, cool intro, good resolution, nice pic quality and like I said the soundtrack matched well. Those things stay in ppl's minds, so for a first impression, I'd say your clan scored pretty high.

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only seen MR yet

Download ED too,plz. I hope you will not regret ! :wink:

so yeah next vid try with a clean handling file

We shall try :roll:

Was that done post-capture or during?

During the replay,clamp both buttons of a mouse and move a mouse forward and back. :wink:

(And also check out a our site of a clan and my video (with clean handling.cfg) (in the my signature) )

Once again forgive for my bad english. :D

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Ok, saw Extreme DM as well.

Good vid and generally most of what I said about MR is true for this one as well. I don't think there were any modded stunts in this one. The black Blista NPM stunt kinda got me wondering, cause I've hit that wall a million times with many kinds of cars and bikes and I'm pretty sure it had a tad too much momentum for the kind of lil car it is, but maybe I'm wrong. If I am, no offense intended.

The stunts where you closed in on cars ready to blow were indeed pretty funky and quite novel especially the PCJ slide under the FDVC truck! Again it did get me thinking about some kind of tampering, particularly that 2nd one where you bumped the firetruck while it was going boom. A bit too close to avoid catching on as well if you ask me, but again I'm just telling you what IMO was the odd(est) one out :S.

Anyway, some other visual candy like that PCJ airport clip with the fireworks (lol wtf was that? got bored while editing and decided to overlay it?) and the snow were cool to see, but that fokn negative colours filter got on my nerves eventually. Why the hell did you use that throughout the movie :(?

Soundtrack choices worked out this time as well. Only objection is that it was that damned edited version of Puffy's "Come with me", which was lame (I mean c/mon, you could've easily d/l-ed the original vers from a p2p proggy). Still a good song tho.

One last thing: Motor Rush credits - Acid Pro 3.0: WTF is that? Never heard of it before. Is it an editing proggy? If so, what's special about it? Better than Ulead 7 in any aspect?

Like I said before, you guys got some fine skills (you're a pretty big crew as well!!), so keep doin' what you do, cause it looks great 8).

Sorry for the long post.


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i saw the deathmatch one and i liked it. i didnt see anything to off besides apparent things like snow and whatnot. but the editing in the begining was so good it beat anything else iv seen in this department (YES ANDY THAT INCLUDES THE AMPT REALS :lol: ) loved the motion blur effect

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nice vids but why the hell do you call a stuntvid "extreme deathmatch"?

i was pretty disappointed when watching EDM coz it was just a remake of vcextreme :| even the same puffy sound....MR was cool

whatever, hope you will have even more mta stuff in your next videos, nice vids

btw, thx for the rep cam zoom info i cant believe i never found it out

/me slaps r*

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