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In need of a small bit of assistance.

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Of course, people tell me ' get in the car , press home' the thing is, my home key just won't work, so I can't pair up with someone in a vehicle, so if someone were to be as so kind enough to help me out, or at least tell me the name of the command ( so I can bind it myself ) it would be muchly appreciated.

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I had this problem too as I use "c" for camera (almost all of my games have custom controls... partially because I dont use wasd, I use waxd, and use "s" for select/use), and didn't know... everyone was just saying "hit home!" - one time I was in a car, got out and accidentially hit my camera, and went back in as passenger - thats how I learned.

So check your control config, and use your camera key... you'll know you've got it when you hear a GTA menu scroll noise.

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