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New Caddy stuntmovie

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I made a stuntvid. with caddy's (similar to Ramon's) and I want to upload it at TGA but I'm not getting it uploaded. :?

I have an account so that's no prob. but I just don't understand what exactly I should do. :roll:

I thoughed it was uploaded but it wasn't. Please explain it to me. :wink:


I've uploaded it to my own server and I was hoping that if somebody has downloaded it, he/she would upload it to TGA, because my server is going down in about a week time. :evil: Thanks in advance peeps. :P

Get it here ------>:Caddy Chaos

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Haven't seen it yet, hope it's good. A general comment though would be that we're seeing a bit too much of the caddy :/. May I suggest the next modded car stunt vid be with some other vehicle like the baggage car (I like that shitmobile :o)?

This new video has the handler already included. :wink: I made some perfect jumps with like 5 loops orso. :lol: Maybe you'll see it someday. :roll:

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Ye when i was d/ling it, it stopped at 97%. Does ur server have a bw limit or something?

No it doesn't have a datalimit but this server is sometimes down, because it takes away alot of bandweigh (or how you say that in English) :lol: So it is turned off at times. :cry:

And thank you Bloody for hosting it at TGA :lol: I wouldn't know what to do without you. :wink:

The Gamers Alliance Forever :D:P8) w0000t...

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