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Stunt vid contribution announcment (from gtaforums)

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Taken directly from the GTAForums.com site

I have decided to make a new community stunt video. "Vice City Tribute" is still highly successful, but it wasn't really a stunt video. "Decan's Auto Stunt Reel" was successful, but I didn't like some of the choices I made with the editing.

1. Only the absolute best stunts will be allowed to go on the video. I will not accept any simple jumps from ramps unless you do something amazing with it. Grinding is great, car-to-boat stunts are great, and so are motorcycle stunts.

2. I will not use any stunts that are the same as the ones in "Decan's Auto Stunt Reel" or "Vice City Tribute." Be creative. Find one stunt that seems impossible, but keep trying until you get it. If you need to, type "aspirine" to heal your vehicle if its close to blowing up.

3. I don't want any mods to be used for your stunts. NO MODS.

4. To save a replay, hit F2 after stunting and then hit F3 and if it is showing your stunt, push alt+tab and go to your "GTA Vice City User Files" folder and rename replay.rep to the name you want me to credit you as (for example, jordan.rep). Then, e-mail me at rlm@3dap.com and do not forget to attach the file and also you must include the description of your stunt in the e-mail (not attached). Give me a few days and I will e-mail you back telling you if I will use it or not.

5. Lastly, all other GTA websites should post news about this since it is a community video.

Thanks and begin stunting!

Not taking anything away from our stunting crews, but considering the impact Decan, Hateme and D8Cam have had on us with their vid, i thought it was worth mentioning

I guess if you happen to be part of those forums (tell them to get in here damnit) spread the word while your at it =p)

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sounds kool, i like your work d8cam. It's extremely detailed and clear. also ur quality is excellent.

me personally, i have a shitty video card, and basic editing tools (Ulead 7.0) but i'm planning to get sum more advanced stuff. See, im on a DELL so everything's right shitty for me. Although ive created sum pretty good work with the rest of :ampt: involved. D8cam, if u have MSN, add me (westider2@hotmail.com) so we can talk.

also if u have the time, check out my stunting forums: http://forumer.com/amptstunting

l8er man c- - - - - - Andyroososoft

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All right! The stunt video is around 90% done. I just have to get a name for the video as well as tweak some stuff.

The stunts in it blow away stunts from most of the other videos. Remember how there is usually one or two awesome stunts in most videos? I have tried to take all of those excellent stunts and put them in one video...and they are all new except for one or two.

It was extremely difficult, but it seems to work.

The music is not as powerful as the Vice City Tribute music, but it fits.

I believe it will re-ignite the spark that "Decan's Auto Stunt Reel" set off all over again.

Let's just say you don't want to miss this.

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Don't do it Sam.

Like I've told Bloody, I'm in exactly the same spot :(.

I've thought of just giving up and handing my replays over to some1 else to make a vid from many times, but in the end you know you'll never be as pleased with the result as you'd be if you'd done it yourself. I'm not talking about fulfillment here either; it's a simple case of being satisfied with the outcome, given how much you think of the quality of your replays. Anything you'd see made out of them that wouldn't be yours, you'd simply not like. Sad but true.

Personally I'm just waiting for a less busy time to come around so I can get back to it. Might happen sooner, might happen later than that, but still I'll take mu fuc,kin time cause I want it to turn out just the way I've dreamt it. Nothing else will do for my perfectionistic ass and the people can bloody wait :P.

Don't do it man...

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