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Poll for my next vid

What should the next vid be  

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  1. 1. What should the next vid be

    • Stunt
    • edited handling
    • story themed
    • News report

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you saw the bad santa one and the other ones right. Hurray. I found a way to make my next vid work. I will still do a poll to see what the people want though.

If anyone wants to help, they can make a picture (in paint) of a robot. Yes, I said a robot. I'm making the newscasters robots. That is the only voice that sounds right. Check the link below


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I prefer good action, not only stunts, but bugs, fun things that happen while you play etc. and good editing. I hate just action lined up one stunt after another without any editing and just some tune in the background. Then I rather just watch the replays. Much better, and probably alot smaller filesize.

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i wanna see a really sick long like about 15 or 20 minutes i kno it will take long but a street racing video like 2f2f of fnf or sumtin along those lines like there r so many mods and i dont think ne one has ever did it....it would be so co0o0o0o0o0ol i meen it....everyone just keep that in mind but it should be a lil long like i said about 15-20 min.....iight keep it kool 8)

and if yea need it...i have found a paul walker skin and its great no flaws or ne thing and it looks like him for real and great wit the tommey model

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Thats a good idea. Maybe only like 10 min but I could get a bunch of mods and get the audio off the movie scince I got the tools and the DVD. Although it would not replay the movie, I would make it into it's own movie. Post any links too Too fast too furious mods and ill check em out.

I got the skyline and the eclipse

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I'm in the process of making a big movie. Me and a few friends have saved 232 replays for it, and I'm gonna create it. It's gonna be long, just not sure how long. It will have good quality sound and video wise, but it will be in two qualities, so those with low bandwidth can get the smaller one, or if you wanna check it out before getting the high quality one.

Not sure how much time it will take either =)

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Windows 98 paint can't. Win2kz and XP's paint can.

Also I wouldn't do anything with that crappy jpeg; it has lost tons of info. Converting to jpeg and then saving as bmp won't get you your 192KBs back (jpeg's a mere 10KBs). Just ask him to upload the bmp, or email it to you or something.

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