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We are now offering MTA hosting in 2 new locations from United states.Seattle And Atlanta.With a very cheap price of $9.00 Per slot!

9 dollars per slot, hmm... very cheap indeed.

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© Zonex servers. All rights reserved | Website designed by Skufu Web Developers

Right click, "Show source code":

    ZeroFour 2.0 by HTML5 UP 
    html5up.net | @n33co 
    Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (html5up.net/license) 

http://www.skufuweb.com/ is your web design company?

Have a look at http://html5up.net, the "ESCAPE VELOCITY" theme by @n33co. I am not entirely sure, but for me the themes are quite similar.

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And this is perfectly fine. The design is quite nice and eligible to be used as it is now.

But you claim to have this "Website designed by Skufu Web Developers" (see above). And this is, by all means, not true.

Don't call yourself web-designer when you copy a theme for even your own company. That's all.

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