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i PMed him more than twice....seems hopeless

General MTA Forum Rules

Forum operators are: the Administrators, Super Moderators and Moderators of this forum

Use the search button to look for topics about problems before posting yourself

Do not advertise with big banners and fonts and more than 2 similar links in your posts and/or signature

Please keep the flaming to it's minimum

Do not ask for a release date, we will announce when needed

Do not ask for many details 'which will be in the next version', we will announce when needed

Keep all your posts and signatures in English, except when other languages are allowed

Do not use any violent words/characters (in any language) in your nickname

Do not PM (private message) the forum'operators' about useless things

Do not post any annoying messages such as extreme big messages, messages with extra large font sizes, etc.

Do not ask to be a betatester

The images in your post may not be bigger than 640x480 pixels, without permission from the forum 'operators'

The images in your signature may not be bigger than 600x150 pixels, without permission from the forum 'operators'

Do not post any wrong (violent, illegal, disgusting, pornographic etc.) images

Do not post any negative content about MTA

Do not flame other mods

No verbal wars allowed

Keep your posts in the General ... forums in discussion style a bit

No unneeded capital letters in your post and/or (topic) subject

Help others if you can and want

When your post gets 'chat-styled' it will probably be locked, only discussions and such will be allowed

Go to IRC if you want to chat

Try to keep your topics in the right forums

SPAM is allowed, but keep it in the right forum, General or BLASTA or something, spammers you know ;)

We ask you to read the rules carefully and mind these before you're going to use the forum. People who still abuse the forum by not following these rules and not listening to any warnings, will be excluded from the forum. We have the right to change these rules at any time.

sry but i cant translate it to dutch :roll:

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