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Ping counter error?

Guest gonaone

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When I started to play Mta and press F11,my ping is

"little" high or slow.

someting between +32000 and -(minus) 6000

It's my connecton (cable asdl)

too slow,for playnig Mta?

My pc is 3½ years old P 800,with 382 mb , Ati 9200 (64mb) ,and Windows 98 SE (Second Error )

I can't play ,because after a short playing i've got disconnect that message.

Allthougt i've got high ping,Vc runs (too) fast..And sometimes my ping is even under 100..

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"How did he get MTA to run on win 98?"

I insalled game in normal way,and MTA started to work.

I've got MTA run,mut i've got Disconnected.

I can chat,and play short time.

But when playing,game goes "bullet time"

Evert other players don't move,or they warping


Then somebody told me this:MTA doesn't work in 98!

"buy XP"

Now i'm :oops::arrow::twisted:

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