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MtaClient error (V.0.3r2) with long Nickname

Guest gonaone

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I wonder why long nickname such:


crashes Mta (cliet file) when conneting server.

It's mayby sound like :oops: bug,but it's :twisted:

Chat worked well,i can chat pepole,but my name

looked fynny.

[Fin]KrhkGonaOne -> but it looked

[Fin]KrhkGona¨r¨åÿ (wrong ...chars...(?) )

When i change my nick shorther(Gonaone),Mta started to work.

That error was (i don't know what it is in English)

That gray box comes,with red circle,with white X

And windows memoryslot error.

I tried to reinstall VC/MTA/ Get new drivers..etc

I spend 6 hours trynig to repair MTA.

But then,fix was too :twisted: ..

Sorry about my bad english..

But this is best way to learn it...

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