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Which GTA3:MTA Setup would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which GTA3:MTA Setup would you prefer?

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To those who have voted for Option 1... Have you lost your mind!? =)

The glory and beauty of GTA is the ability to drive all over the place, see everything and when you throw MTA on top of it, you get to kill folks! Why oh why are you turning GTA 3:MTA into a spawnwar-fest!? I suppose it's possible to make random spawn points, but we haven't seen this yet (with the exception of the VCC). Even WITH random spawn points, you're still all stuck in one little area! I can only imagine how many folks are going to only play the servers that have the Downtown piece of the map. Noone will want to deal with the hills in the third island nor the compact and oddly angled roads of the first island. You're going to see nothing but a tiny little sliver of what GTA III's majesty was!

I beg you to reconsider, think about how limiting one island will be. How very UN-GTA-like it will be to never be able to go anyplace different to fight. Have you folks gone bonkers!?

Option 2... Option 2... Option 2!! Relive the awesomeness that GTA III was! Open the whole city, drive from St. Marks to the airport and kill anyone on the way!

What about the racers, the stunters and such? How are they going to feel being cooped up in a little island with killers roaming everywhere just waiting to blast thier race cars to smithereens as they sit on the line getting ready to roll? The spawnkillers are going to dominate over this single island scenario and you folks just don't see it. I don't care how many cars, weapons and health they can pack into downtown, I want to see people having long car-chases that range from one end of the map to the other. To have to run and do u-turns around the bridge bunkers like the NPC cars do in single player is going to get annoying at least, repetative and boring at the worst. Are you an NPC? No, you're a living breathing person capable of finding someone a distance away. Don't limit yourself to one island!

Open all of Liberty City and dominate the world!!

* steps down off his soapbox and wanders off muttering "Option 1.. Pfft.. Wake up MTA'rs!" *

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Regardless of which you pick, I'd like to thank everyone on the MTA team and everyone that has tested and aided to the development of it. Personally, I believe that it should be a server option between the two. I know it will take lots of work and probably wouldn't happen but think of how many people will be able to have a server dedicated for it. Smaller servers could handle option 1 while massive, souped up ones could handle option 2. While a server running Opt. 1 could pick the island of their choice for a smaller arena, a server running 2 could have a massive arena where the chaos knows no limits, personally I will vote #2 I would love to travel anywhere, and to have car chases and other things we love in VC to be in the massive liberty city with no limits, in addition it would be simply understated to say that its surreal. All of the developers certainly deserve a spot on GTA's official team at least in my book.

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So please focus on the crux of the question, do you want all 32 people stuck on one island together on every server (option one) or do you want them to be able to spread out across the whole city (option 2).

The problem with this whole poll, I think, is that people were adding too much to the basic question.

I voted for option 2, because I'd rather be able to go through the whole city. I think if you would go with option 1, there should be more specific objectives then just random free-for-all deathmatch play.

In MTA:VC, having the whole city open is what makes it so great - if you don't want to have a big fight, go drive to an empty neighborhood with a buddy (or an enemy) and have a small little duel. Or just drive around doing stunts... the large playing space give you options.

So if the playing space is gonna be constrained, there might as well be specific missions/objectives to follow.

That's just my 31,000 Turkish Lira. :wink:

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