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Which GTA3:MTA Setup would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which GTA3:MTA Setup would you prefer?

    • Option 1 (read below)
    • Option 2 (read below)

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I think it would be better to develop option 1 first, because everyone will be playing it for a long time (even those who voted for option 2, you'll see) and then, you can try to develop option 2 and maybe one day we will be able to have both options in one client.

for now, I don't want a too buggy game but I would also like to travel around whole liberty city, so it's quite hard to choose. :(

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What it comes down to for your choice shouldn't be a matter of bugs or stability (its our job to worry about these things and we are pretty sure neither option offers any gain or loss of stability), it should come down to what you prefer.

1 Fast intense action, but limited space


2. More freedom the ability to go anywhere (via teleports) , but slower gameplay


w00t post 400 :-P


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what the the? where did my reply go? you cant tell me someone was offended...

edit: ok, ill summarize it..

option 1. more cars weapons players + smaller combat areas = more action. if youve seen my topic on splitting vice city, then you know this already.

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sorry for saying that twice, must have missed it :lol:

but anyway, if there would be no bugs in option2 (like Kent said) I would like that a lot more. But i just can't wait till we can play a new version so it's quite hard to choose (play faster but have only one island or wait a longer time and have all the freedom)

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It should be noted that once the direction of development for gta3mta is chosen (which this thread is designed to help us do) it is likely that it will continue in the same format in future releases. As each method involves very different code.

Also note that fj5000 has nothing to back up his promise of boats, we do not promise things until we are positive we can and will include them. Therefore only the future will show if we include boats. (Although we would like to include them along with various other things that aren't possible at this time)

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Why do you ppl keep on propagating this impression that boats are something hard to include, or whatever and ppl shouldn't be expecting them any time soon?


It's just that they've played around with the water to force a recycling of wrecked vecs so now any car will blow up when it goes in. This means that you can place boats right now, but all they'd be doing would be perpetually exploding and respawning on the spot due to that modification. Change it back to SP VC coding and you've got your boats, skimmers, sea sparrows and whatever else you're dreaming of. Of course then you'd have to think of another way to force cars to return to the playing field when they happen to go into the drink, but who cares, we've got boats!!111 Right?

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propokis, don't try to second guess us please. If boats could be put in right now as you state then they would be in. Simple. The cars exploding when entering water is when they are judged to have sunk by the engine, boats would not be judged to have sunk. There are specific reasons why we have been unable to include boats so far. So perhaps take the teams word for it rather than presuming you know more about the internal workings and plans than the mta team. Thanks.

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I'm not second guessing anyone; I'm merely stating facts the way they appear to be. Granted buoyancy is checked to determine what happens to a vehicle when it hits the sea, but fact remains that cars in MTA explode when they touch water - and of course that attribute determines if that happens. Now I don't think that was the case with SP and unless I miss my guess, that wasn't implemented for fun either. So I believe I'm right when I say it was done to facilitate the respawning of vehicles.

Also as far as boats in the mod are concerned, many of us saw that pic of a Squallo with 2 players in it (MTA style name and health bar), so go ahead and call me ignorant if you will, but I'd like to hear what your explanation of that pic is.

IMO observing what happens in the game and knowing what's in the handling file doesn't really fall into the inner workings category (wouldn't really mind if it did either) and altough I never claimed to be an expert in the way this game works, I've seen "non-official" (or experimental) features like the spectator mode been showcasted and then refuted before, so I didn't exactly get into this line of thinking all by myself.

Edit: And gtadude: amazing as it may sound, there probably are ppl that know more than the MTA team about VC (hell, I can guess its developers should). In this world there are ppl that know more about you in everything; that's an axiom.

BTW even if I had the info to make a VC mod, I really wouldn't and that's 100% honesty here. Props to the ppl that do.

I'm done derailing this thread.

Edit 2: This was the thread where the pic was posted:


The pic is gone, but check everyone's reactions in the next page; it's the scene I described and any of the ppl who posted after him can assert that. Weird...

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You are wrong, and WAY out of line to imply that we are lying and not putting the boats in when we could do. The way you seperated out your argument to make it appear valid is a sad effort to support your accusation that it was cars exploding in water that prevented us including boats.

I'm merely stating facts the way they appear to be

appear to be, and facts are two different things.

fact remains that cars in MTA explode when they touch water

Incorrect, they explode when they sink, they can drive in water up to the windows before they get over a certain depth and explode.

So I believe I'm right when I say it was done to facilitate the respawning of vehicles.

correct, yet irrelevant unless you include your supposition that that is what prevents us including boats, it isnt.

Also as far as boats in the mod are concerned, many of us saw that pic of a Squalo with 2 players in it

I'm unsure which picture you are referring to, but that just shows that we have made efforts and tried various things to enable boats, unsuccesfully so far.

As for explaining it i would need to see the image in question before i could explain under what circumstances it was captured.

observing what happens in the game and knowing what's in the handling file doesn't really fall into the inner workings category

Quite why you mention the handling file i don't know, it has no relation to your declaration that boats could be in place right now.

amazing as it may sound, there probably are ppl that know more than the MTA team about VC

Quite possibly, but as we are talking about multitheftauto not 'normal' vc thats not really relevant.

Now lets let this thread return to its original purpose, and I'll thank you and anyone else not to give others false impressions or to spread self made rumour as fact.

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Yes, Prokopis listen to MRBump, he would not steer us wrong and i am sure the team is doing there best to make MTA as great as is humanly possible. (btw mrbump, that was your #666 post :twisted: and very well put i might add.)

Back to the topic.

I originally voted for option 1 NOT because it would be released quicker.(possibly)

I want to fly the dodo, and i didnt think it would be possible with option 2.

if we could freeroam all 3 islands with dodo's, boats, etc. that would be my choice. I also want there to be good spawn of weapons and cars which seemed less likely with option 2. I dont care how long it takes, and neither should anyone else. This is a great Privilege to all GTA fans and these guys are doing in in there spare time for free so they deserve all the props. The poll is getting closer towards option 2, and every vote counts, so Choose yours Wisely!

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And what about using the gtavc 3dengine for gta3? The 3D-engine from is more optimisch and better. But don't put heli's in and other stuff of gtavc in gta3. You don't need to let traffel or passengers work in de 3d-engine, because you don't have it in mta.

Or is this to much work? Maybe less work then option 2 with that teleport thing, enz...

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Still I voted for option 1, as i would prefer something closly packed

eg 32 players on 1 island = more carnage that 32 players over all 3 islands

But i still stand by my idea of doinging both options (could the team please comment on if this is an option)

cause this way we could pick what style of playing appealed to us at that moment,

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Option 2, totally. One of the coolest things about gta is having such a big place where you can jump in and out of cars and drive where you want. And it's awesome playing tag all over the islands, and if you took out all three, you wouldn't have nearly as much room to play. It just makes it a lot more like real life, where you just have so much space to go. I think it'd make it more fun. But if it's possible to have the choice between the two by the server host, then that'd be the best of course.

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I voted for option 2. I believe that it would suck all of the fun out of mta with only 1 island. I'm sure if enough effort is put forth, then the teleport problem can be solved. (Just look at the progress that have been made so far :lol: ) But I also agree with the fact that sometimes it gets boring because it takes forever to find someone to kill. I was reading through the posts and someone thought of the same idea that i did. Run multiple servers for one game. That way, you could potentially run option 1 like option 2, with all of the benfits of each. Maybe have a 70 player limit for all 3 islands, and people could roam freely :D , because its not likely that everone will be on the same island. I know it is just a sugguestion that isn't worth much right now, but it might be a useful idea later on down the road.

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