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Which GTA3:MTA Setup would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which GTA3:MTA Setup would you prefer?

    • Option 1 (read below)
    • Option 2 (read below)

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There is every possibility of doing both, if the Team decides to do that.

Option 1 will take less time, as it is just a matter of locking down the islands (so people cannot travel between them), and then populating each of them seperately.

Whereas Option 2 requires some further research (a bunch as already been done), to make multiple islands work properly together.

But, as I said, the Client will allow for both options as long as we split it into seperate Game Modes (3 for each individual cities, 1 for all 3, or something along those lines), but it is a matter of time, since doing both Options will be a lot longer then expected.

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There is no doubt that there shall be all the islands at one time if it all works, but what I wonder is

how will this teleport system work? Does this mean that the mass transportation system will be offline (no trains and no metro)? And does this also mean that one will not be able to just drive to another city, but will have to stand in some kind of teleportation field (like the one then one start a mission)?

So, if it's not possible to just make it like VC - just driving to a new location over a bridge or underground - then make it Option 1.

Another thing is to make it possible to CHOOSE where (on what island) one want to spawn.

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There is every possibility of doing both, if the Team decides to do that.

Can I suggest that they do just that, make the server side to decide whether its option 1 or 2

personally, i prefer 1, but 2 would be cool too

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  • MTA Team
I voted for Option 2... To have only 1/3 of Liberty City to prowl over would sort of put a kink in the overall gaming experience. I enjoy driving around VC hunting for folks. There are hot spots (As there are sure to be in GTA III), but there's always the possibility of driving to some remote location and blasting some fellow on his own. That's what the radar is for, to track down and destroy the opposition. It doesn't matter if I spawn as a Robber and everyone is at the Airport, I'll get there, blast a few folks and then end up dead like usual, but I can still get to them

Plus, what Ransom said makes some sense... If you get bored crusing through St. Marks and all your friends are over having a whopping good time over in teh Downtown area, you're sunk. To have to split out of a server just to connect to another part of the map sounds clunky and aggrivating. I think everyone is aware of how fast MTA servers fill up (Look at the 16 official for example). I don't want to get locked out of a server because it's full when I want to cruise the long stretches of highway in the downtown Liberty City after prowling St. Marks a while.

Leave all three Islands in and don't separate them

To expand on that, what if your buddies don't want to go to that particular area you want to switch to? Then you have a major problem playing with your buddies. I say option 2 is basically the same as having bridges as theres only 1 to connect each island. I hope people aren't going for option 1 because it will require less work and hence a quicker release date.

Patience pays off people.

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I hope people aren't going for option 1 because it will require less work and hence a quicker release date.

Patience pays off people.

I really agree and would prefer the whole game instead of a third

I voted for 1 because it's sounded like they would have an easier time fixing bugs and making it smoother. That seemed like a fair tradeoff. If they can make it stable with the whole island but it's a longer wait. No problem I agree it'll be worth the wait.

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I'm all for option 1 IF we can get some sort of NPC's spawning option. Like make spawning NPC's (cars and pedestrians) option on server creation. To keep down network congestion make it so they are a reandom spawn, but keep the ones that are there, synced untill nobody is within x distance of them... cause since pedestrians and npc cars won't shoot, you won't have to worry about them shooting and the like...so you will just need to worry about damage recording. In theory it doesn't seem bad being that the AI made people naturally run away if close to someone shooting. With this, you can have npc pedestrians drop weapons, so you won't need to sync the powerups as much, and with npc cars running around, you won't need any or as many static car spawns... just need the health and armor power ups fo the most part... in my mind it is a decent trade off... but thats just what my frinds and I would like.

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My initial preference is for #2 with all three islands. Teleports aren't a problem but I wonder

about using a dodo to access other areas. What is the concequence of that? If #2 means

no Dodo, then I'd strongly support #1.

I can't say for sure but I expect Dodos would be a problem... as would boats be...


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  • MTA Team

I think alloing the server admin to decide would be the best, but since a choice needs to be made, i'll go for number two. I like the big city and closing the islands changes the game in my opinion. While in MTA:VC 0.1 there were almost no cars on the second island, it didn't stop people from travelling there. People like the big maps, and there are few action driven games out there that featere something as big as GTA.

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first id like to say: wow, i've been away from the mta community for a loong time. This is prolly cuz 3b didnt work for me, not sure y, and i dont have vc for pc, so i just stopped playing alltogether. so far, from everyone in this thread, i only recognize one name from the begining - Iggy. anyway maybe i'll start posting more again..

Another option is to make a quick release of Option 1-version, and then start working on the next version with both options in it.

i couldnt agree more. I'm for now i'd would like just option one, and after that is mastered, with all bugs out (or well just the nasty ones) then make 5b with the other option implemented, i don't see any reason to have just one, make us wait for both. however maybe not a "quick release" but whatever.

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i like option 2 the best because i dont like all the islands and i like the fact that the island will have as much as possible in it! :D

then you like option 1, dummy

first id like to say: wow, i've been away from the mta community for a loong time.

Holy crap you haven't posted since last May!!!

Get VC for PC it's really worth it

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  • MTA Team

y did i buy vc? for mta. thats the only reason. u can play unreal tournament of jkademy, with ctf, assault and loads of game modes + bots, but i dont. the reason: the maps are to small

vc has millions of areas, u can set a base etc

i go for option 2

ps y dont u make the teleports on the bridge, just b4 it sais WELCOME TO X (i dunno how a dodo will work)

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People still seem to be stuck in a stability/number of vehicles mindset with this question. Car numbers will be the same on each island which ever way it is done, as for stability gta3mta so far is MUCH more stable than mtavc. So please focus on the crux of the question, do you want all 32 people stuck on one island together on every server (option one) or do you want them to be able to spread out across the whole city (option 2).

Black dragon: As cray said we have already done some research and testing regarding the dodo and there is a possibility that it will be able to traverse the entire map with option 2. It may have to lock its doors to prevent people getting into it on island one then exiting on island 2, or we may be able to allow total freedom. that remains to be seen once we decide which direction we are taking the mod itself.

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I've been waiting for this ver. 4 a long time :wink: .

I voted 4 option 2,since it would be more realistic and besides,it gets boring to play in only 1 city(Yes I know it can be changed when u start the server).I know people would have to look 4 other people in the city,but still,that's one of the fun aspects of the game. :wink:

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