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Which GTA3:MTA Setup would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which GTA3:MTA Setup would you prefer?

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As you may or may not have noticed, development of the GTA3 version of MTA has slowed dramatically due to some recent limitations we have found, mainly regarding island switching. It seems that islands are handled very differently within GTA3, which in the end is making our life much harder.

So, we are left with some options as to the direction of the mod, and therefore we call on the community to help us try and make a decision as to which method we should choose.

Option 1:

The first option is to split each island into its own "Game Mode", meaning each Server will be running its own island and you will not be able to travel to other islands (except for MAYBE the Dodo). This will be similar to the Stunt and Regular Game Modes that currently exist for MTA:VC, where they are completely seperate from one another and only a single Game Mode can be active on the Server at any given time.

This sort of setup will allow us to pack each island with as much stuff as we possibly can, and will guarantee that the maximum number of connected players are active on the same island at any given time. This, in theory, will result in better deathmatch-like gameplay as there will be more players in a smaller area, along with as many vehicles and pickups we can push onto each island.

Option 2:

The second option is to keep all three islands active and only allowing travelling to and from an island through the usage of some sort of teleport. Each island will be handled seperately from one another, but they will still all be on the same Server (meaning, if the Server has 32 players, then they can be spread across all 3 islands). We haven't determined how much / little data we will be able to send back and forth between the islands, and therefore can not say if we can do Dodo flying, or if you will be able to keep your weapons through the teleport.

This sort of setup will still allow us to pack a lot into each of the islands, but not at the same level as individual game modes. There will still be plenty of vehicles and pickups for each island, but the connected players will be more spread out, resulting in a free-roam style of play which we see in MTA:VC (although spread across 3 islands now, instead of just 2).

Both options will result in the same features that the other one does, such as passengers, animations, etc..., but the style of gameplay will be heavily affected by the communities decision.

We will not guarantee that the communities decision will be the one that we choose as a Team to develop, but it will heavily influence our decision, so please think your choice before voting.

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Option 1 Sounds good because of course there will be more servers and a choice of islands, plus cramming the most fun out of MTA is what it's all about isnt it? :D

Option 2 however will probably take longer to complete plus the islands are so big, it would be difficult to play MTA, and always have someone near you to help/kill ya :twisted:

p.s. you guys are doing a great job as always, keep it up. :)

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  • MTA Team

I think the game's replay value will be chopped quite a bit if the other islands are cut off. Plus, its hard to switch to another game if your with a few buddies and you get tired of your current island.

It will require more work, but I think all in all it would be best to put forth the effort and go for option 2.


Sorry, the permissions were not setup properly to vote in here. Should be fixed now.

Thanks to me for discovering that hehe :P

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I voted for Option 2... To have only 1/3 of Liberty City to prowl over would sort of put a kink in the overall gaming experience. I enjoy driving around VC hunting for folks. There are hot spots (As there are sure to be in GTA III), but there's always the possibility of driving to some remote location and blasting some fellow on his own. That's what the radar is for, to track down and destroy the opposition. It doesn't matter if I spawn as a Robber and everyone is at the Airport, I'll get there, blast a few folks and then end up dead like usual, but I can still get to them

Plus, what Ransom said makes some sense... If you get bored crusing through St. Marks and all your friends are over having a whopping good time over in teh Downtown area, you're sunk. To have to split out of a server just to connect to another part of the map sounds clunky and aggrivating. I think everyone is aware of how fast MTA servers fill up (Look at the 16 official for example). I don't want to get locked out of a server because it's full when I want to cruise the long stretches of highway in the downtown Liberty City after prowling St. Marks a while.

Leave all three Islands in and don't separate them

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Yeah i remember one of the team members mentioning this map transition issue a long time ago but then another one said that it was fixed though.Guess he was wrong ha. :( Ahh well,the 2nd option sounds ok to me.With some good weapons,cars and teleport placements it should work out just fine.I am just not to fond of the 1st option.Too limited in my opinion.It's basically all about the size babey! :D

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Multiple servers, more than 3 islands.

Each server could be it's own island.

You can travel between all the islands.

Everything would have to be approved by a central server of sort on how everything connects

But that could be like the days of BBS's and Fido type networks..

But just fix the crashes. Make team play a bit better..

Add more charecters.

Add more players - make them have stats.

All that sort of stuff.

Think Quake, Think of the TFC Mod.

Think of Online RPG mods.

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ok, here's the problem with option 2:

the mta team isn't sure whether some functions will work properly as you move between islands. my main concern is that radar wont work. for instance, say you're on island 1 and a group of people are on island 2, what if you can't see the blips for the people on island 2? that would defeat the purpose of having multiple islands all together.

also, i'm thinking what if the mta team goes through all the trouble of researching a developing option 2 and it ends up sucking in the end after they attempt to create it? then they're going to have to make the islands separate anyway - so it's a lot of time wasted.

just like someone else said, option 2 sounds like a bug fest waiting to happen. option 1 all the way.

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option 2 will work or we wouldn't be offering it as an option, the question is simply would you prefer a single island on a server or all the islands on a server and the differing game experiences each will present.

So do not be swayed by the doomsayers and the people suggesting wild things that were not mentioned (such as linking multiple servers together). Simply vote for which you feel you would prefer to play.

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Why does it need teleports to travel ??, cause on VC there is already 2 islands with an small loading between :\

Maybe the engine is too old :\

But i prefer to have a big city than 3 smalls where i must disconnect to play another island.

For me its option 2, so good luck guys :c)

Edit : argh too many otpion 1 :S, maybe an "limit acces vote for guys under 5 post would be great ;c)

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Although yes I would prefer option 2, I believe that it should be number 1 at this stage but if it is ever possible to unlock all islands without teleporting then I would like it if the server admin could choose whether to be on island 1, 2 or 3 OR choose to unlock them all for free-roaming.

Also, when the mod gets more advance (i.e. if it can unlock all islands)then it would be good to have more players e.g. 64 to cover the islands.

BTW, will the train ever be enabled in GTA3:MTA?

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The first option is to split each island into its own "Game Mode", meaning each Server will be running its own island and you will not be able to travel to other islands (except for MAYBE the Dodo).

what do u mean? if the dodo will be able to go on other islands, will the radar work with it? could i see other plains? etc.?

and how are u gonna keep the dodo in 1 island, coz there is some sort of unseen barriar across the map, and i dont see any posible way of making this barriar work on other locations (i MAY be VERY wrong on this one)..

anyway, not posting my opinion untill this one answered.

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Thoughts in random order follow:

I'm just wondering, does this mean that you've reached a decision point where however you decide now, there's no chance that anything else might happen or be added later on? I mean if you go with the one isle solution, would you still keep trying to get them all working together in a later version? If not, I'd hate to see that happen.

I dunno maybe it's just me, but going with one isle only is a meant-to-be-temporary half meassure that well could last for a few good months; I wouldn't want that. I'd rather wait half that time (playing VC online) and end up with a better experience for GTA3 as well.

I agree with Loen and the others on their gameplay arguments about this and I just want to add that in the end I feel the game "should" be exactly like VC is regarding roaming freedom. Any taking away from that, would be taking away from the game's identity, from what it is and what has made it be as good as we know it to be.

IMO, since GTA3 is related to VC the way it is, I'd want to have an online experience with both of them as similar as possible. I'm kinda optimistic about you finding a way to solve this after a few tries and even now that ppl are in a rush and expect a release somewhere in the next month or so, personally if I was your time's manager or something, I'd go with investing more time to cracking this problem without a doubt. But since I'm not, I can only try to convince you of the probability of what I'm saying.

Just my 2 eurocents.

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