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1. make places like the mansion or the shopping center places u can take over bye beeing ther a spesific amount of time or something.. and let the ppl who has taken over the place get free healing and other things, cars or a chopper, and make it possible for the gang who has taken it over to spawn there.. so that these places could be a "base" for gangs..

2. include the air plain in MTA:VC at the film stuio

3. make a kick feautre, to kick cheaters without a admin

4. get the gun store up and running so that i can bye guns instead of looking all over town for them, maby a store where u can bye cars, bikes and choppers too :D (if its possible)

5. let ppl earn money by killing ppl or something

6. make a "gang" feautre so that ppl can make their own gangs, so that ppl can be in a gang no mather what caracter they are using..

7. keep up the good work :wink:

thats all for me.. sry for bad writing, im not to good at english

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  • MTA Team

most of these have alredy been sed...and by da looks of it ur a sooper newbie with 1 post. use search and u dont really need to be the same spawn to be in a gang, just put a tag on or sumtin. althou it wud be cool if u cud make it officially a gang, and no impersonations. make another box maybe for gang

like this:

Nick: Talidan


  • [VCP]Talidan killed that flying donkey

Scoreboard maybe

  • Clan | Nick | Score | Ping
    [VCP] | Talidan | 99 | watever

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its booring just hanging around the place, if u can take it over u can start a buisness or something, leave the place and be able to come back 2 sec later not been ocupied by others like a kind of rpg..

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