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Do you consider GTA3 realistic in general?  

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  1. 1. Do you consider GTA3 realistic in general?

    • Yes, very
    • No, not at all
    • In some aspects yes

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In gta 3, even though the cars are, kinda realistic, the city itself, sucks, no offense Rockstar. In the game, if you have a car, you can't park it anywhere, in the whole game there are two parking lots, both in staunton, one in the hospital and one near the university. As I was saying, there are things that are not too good, the police only chases you, (i now that there is a mod, i have it, but it isn't as good) and, if you are caught, you do not get a ticket, or a night in jail, they just make you give in some of your weapons and leave in a 10 hr period of time. In the games, for example, if an ambulance comes, when it is done, it goes crazy, it speeds and basically runs over 15 people or so, I mean, isn't an ambulance supposed tohelp people :?: You cannot harm buildings and you can't make a fire go off in a building, you cannot go into most buildings, and the ones you can are not very realistic. If you hit a car, the guy doesn't get out and ask you for your insurance papers, no, he just goes away, if you shoot a car, the car speeds and the police doesn't do anything. This is GTA3, at first it may be astonishing, but when you get into details, your impression about thisgame decreases a lot. There should be a realism mod.

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yeah this is bascily stupid. I mean if we wanted realism we played some crap game like CS or something... but NO we want gta3! we dont CARE if the physics is all scruwed up, its FUN!

and uh... blokker dont suggest those things.. you couldf be held liable :)

:idea: THREAD CLOSED :idea:

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iggy - yes he missed locking the thread, but dont spam 6 times to raise your post count!

Give the mods a break people, we do this in our spare time =)

back on topic....

did you edit blok's post bill? =)

as for realism, gta3 isnt like battlefield, or soldier of fortune, its about blood spurting from people's necks in a cartoon fashion in a world where crime pays and weapons of minor destruction are easily available at your local ammunation.

:arrow: Thread Closed - for real =)

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