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VCP whats that?!


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it seems that i found a realy strange photo from vcp (vice city police)


Now Whats this..? a new member? :S

it seems that Iggy and some strange human in the background is accepting this deal..

whats that?

do they need more members?!?

i thinks this scary..why would vcp DO THIS?!?!

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so many things about you disturb me

1. you have been here a month longer than me and you have 30 posts

2. so you don't post fine but why make this one of the 30?

3. wtf!!!!!


The chick on the right in the LA Gear sweatshirt is hot

*grossed himself out*


the pic took an hour to load so I was all kinds of confused by this post.

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... what a grand photoshopping technique.. thank god you continuously spammed the IRC with this masterwork of engineering.. now we will all die of laughter cause of this genius sense of humor..

dude, dont use lame personal family photo's for crappy photophucking. or at least make it funny

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