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First Video Ever: Butterfly

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Music - 6/10 : god know what that was, but it had a beat..i guess

Quality - 7/10 : when you said " Never ever used any movie making software or capturing programs so it might've came out a little low on quality " i was perpared for the worse but is was ok.

stunts - 6.5/10 : some were ok but for your first movie its was good.

6/10 :)

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Nice 1st vid! :D

I think the same about the music as DJ GTA

The editing and synchronising was ok, but not that great.

Music 6.5/10

Editing 6/10 (wmm2 is easy to use, I made my vid also with that program, for my next one i'm going to use pinnacle studio)

Stunts 5.5/10 (sorry, most of the stunt werent very impressive)

I think you have to stunt a bit more for your next video and use a better song :)

Not bad for a 1st vid!

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It wasn't a bad 1st video but:

1)Music was just ehh bad(srry)

2)Stunts where not 2 good( 2 much easy tricks)

3)there was no speed in the movie because of the music and the low fps.

4)quallity of the vid was bad 2

For the stunts I would give a 5.5/10

For the music a 5.5/10

For the editing a 6.5/10

So overall I would give a 6/10

But it isn't a bad 1st movie!

Keep on stunting!!!! :fadein:

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