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After VC-Crash MTA:VC 0.3 dont work!

Guest daroot

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Hi all,

after a crash my MTA doesnt work.

When i will connect to a server i recive an error:

A Problem occured while trying to connect.

I have re-installed MTA, but it doesnt work.

The next problem is i cant change the Game Version, the field is

now gray and i cant change anything!


pls help me

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I think you need to type in the server IP address, not the server name. Just use the AllSeeingEye to browse server and then doubleclick one to connect.

Then again, since it doesn't show the Game Version either, you probably installed it into the wrong folder. Make sure you install it into C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City, the second part goes into C:\Program Files\MTA. Or if it is, try to Reset Game Path.

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YAY!!!!! Finally someone with the same problem as me!!!(bad circumstancecs but still)

The Name that is in the host box doesnt have to be a ip it can also be a host ( thats why it callled host) you just have to be sure that its running a server, so i dont think thats his problem.If anyone can help this guy out ( and me!!!!!) i will give you a cookie!!!!!

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