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The Big bang

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um... Whoa... I don't know what to say about the movie.. lol :dontknow:

Explosions everywhere! :shock: I like the one explosion you did with with those two police cars! lol Cool movie! Awsome PCJ action (don't think I should call them stunts exactly. >_<)

Edit: Music was alright though, it fit with the action... Awesome Faggio stunt onto the tall building! :P

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yes its the "bigbang" cheat, if you got a trainer you can hit the cheat key fast enough to make all the vehicles in the game lift up...

i was playing around with this in vc on the PS2, tried to lift myself up when laying on a panzer or on top of a packer (it works ;))

another funny thing is to lift them up and shoot them with the rocket launcher :) or watch the destroyed cars landing on peds with 80mp/h

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