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The Marlboro corp and the KKK

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Someone told me once something disturbing about the Marlboro corp and its apparent links with the KKK. I think it had to do with Philip Morris being the original head of that organisation and the 3 K's on the packets- there were loads of hidden references but I can't remember anymore. Can anyone else shed some light on this-

Btw - I'm not in anyway showing solidarity with that particulary gruesome group of individuals I'm just a little concerned about the origin of my cigarettes....

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lol my one friend, who is a "wigger" got this new zipper hoody, i forget what brand it was but it had a black panthers emblem on it O_O i thought it was such irony tho that hes white and it had the black panthers emblem on it, but he didnt even know it was there till i pointed it out to him, i laughed prety hard at him.....and for the rest of the day he didnt wear that sweater...

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