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The Gamers Alliance Shirts!

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The Gamers Alliance is selling shirts! Our very own Geldarr has developed one of the two styles that will be available. He will be releasing the other style within the next few days, check it out!

Basicly these shirts are sold AT COST, we add 25 - 50 cents on to every sale to help us pay for our hosting costs. We hope that all of you will help TGA stay alive buy buying a shirt/hoodie or whatever you like. We are not sure how we are going to have people pay yet, we just need to find out what the demand will be. If you are intrested in buying something post here or email me, webmaster@thegamersalliance.com, and say size, type (hoodie, tshirt, etc), if you want it white or charcoal gray, and what style. Here is what we have available.

Style 1:

Click to see larger image.


Prices are as follows (these INCLUDE s/h and its in US dollars)

t-shirt - $10

long sleeve t-shirt - $13

"Babydoll" t-shirt - $12

Sweat shirt - $22

"hoodie" sweatshirt - $27

These prices are approximates(within a $1.50), we are still pricing and currently trying to find out how much demand we will have. Before this post was made there were already 25 orders.

Make sure you keep a look out for me and Samurai_Ohk's video!

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e-mail me when over 10 ppl have bought sum.

We have already sold about 25, we are getting a list of everyones size and stuff so we can save on shipping. Lbtrw is getting a hoodie, the most popular thing is regular t-shirts but hoodies are a close second.

We have been wanting to get shirts for ourselves for a while, and finally got around to doing it. We decided that a few other people might want one and turns out alot more people then we thought want one. so i just figured i would ask everyone here to see if you guys did.

I would buy it ,you know .... But i've been banned form TGA .... Too bad hem ... :lol:

Dont worry dgtadude, we wouldn't sell you one anyway :wink:

BTW as i said in my two previous posts... its in US dollars

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wow, u sold that many bloody?? wow! I kneel down and bow to you............... WHO DO YOU THINK I AM??!!! LMAO, noice that ur finally earnin sum money from ur site :D. I've been bustled alot maybe about putting sum ads or popups on my site to earn a little cash, but i know firsthand about how annoying those r :( (IE "Proboards :( ")

lol, well it'll be kool if u see everyone on ur campus wearin that stuff. how much are the shirts and hoodies just blank?? lol (no seriously)

l8er - - - Andyroososoft

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noice that ur finally earnin sum money from ur site :D.

Trust me we aren't earning(pocketing) ANY money off this. As you can tell everything is priced dirt cheap. We just wanted this originally for fun and no extra cost to everyone, but then I thought it would be nice if this could help me pay for the domain and host that we have. 50 Cents a shirt isn't gonna make us rich lol its not even gonna pay for half of all our expenses.

I dunno how much a non-printed shirt is. The place we are getting it from prices it by how much your putting on them.

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Lol im sorry to say but kids who wear anything with the word gamer on it to my school... are at the least called a fag/nerd. Or they get put in a trash can. Donno how it is at other schools but lol count me out of this one. Maybe I will buy one to wear to bed when no ones watching.

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Lol im sorry to say but kids who wear anything with the word gamer on it to my school... are at the least called a :O/nerd. Or they get put in a trash can.

LOL blah, are you afraid your friends won't like you if they know your a gamer?... Once you get to college you will realize alot more people play games then you think.

if your not gonna represent for TGA atleast represent for gamers in general. lol

what you play and what you wear doesn't make you a nerd...

ROFL @ Prokopis :lol:

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LOL . Your Blocked my Older PC . LOL my new one ins't blocked . and to unblock is just change the IP . OR get a new network card . Which my friends dad own a store full of it and he can give me for free the overstock ones :lol:

And Besides . All i did was test out the prog ... And it does it all automaticly , So , no need to download anything

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lol, yeah. i dunno if theres a hugeass difference between ppl who play video games all of the time and ppl who play just sumtimes like me. me and the rest of ampt have produced 5 group videos just when we felt like it. When you stay home and play games all day you don't exactly make a difference in the world (unless ur makin a stunt vide, lmao :D ) but hey that's my personal opinion, im sure that sum of u guys out there think different.

l8er- - - - - - Andyroososoft

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