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REQUEST: 0.3 Server Prevention Tipz 4 random dumps of every1

Guest [DRuG]NikT

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I have:

- 0.3 linux server up & running successfully on debian (woody) with libc5

- A text mode only server with 0 load and a P2 266MHz CPU

- Optus cable in Australia with 4 users "stably" averaging 100-150 pings

- The possibly misbegotten notion that cable should allow me to host a server with quite a few users (at least 6).

- No send limits etc. enabled in mtaserver.conf

I get:

- Everyone being dumped off the server on many occasions, all at the same time.

- People complaining they can't send text consistently to game when they can on other servers equally local (net-wise) to me.

It seems to happen most times when > 4 players are connected, while I thought 512K uncapped cable would be plenT for a server of 6?

Am I dreamin?

How do COP run a server hosting > 15 people with pings averaging 100?

Just the nature of fast US links vs dodgy Australian ones?

Are they running the same server daemons we all are - ie. the bog standard 0.3 on servers like OzForces, EFTel and COP?

I've tried to keep this sharp and short to save waffle, but would really appreciate your help optimising my server - I'd hate to think I can only host for 4 on a cable link?



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