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MTA:VC got in TV

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So, today in here Finland tv gaming program called Tilt.tv introduced MTA:VC to all Tilt.tv watchers.

MTA:VC got 8 in review. :lol:

- bugs and netcode

- no traffic

- slow tempo

+ two fun game modes

+ lots of game company

heres the link for the review http://www.tilt.tv/index.php?path=3/1/1&arvosteluid=668 its in finish, so most of u dont know what it says, but still check it out. 8)

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This site:


gives me this..very rough translation:

editor evolving LAJITYYPPI: Activities JULKAISUPÄIVÄ: 00/00/0000 IKÄSUOSITUS: 18v DOWNTOWN Grand Theft Auto : Vice Cityn moninpeliksi migrating Compost Theft Auto is lately access amply notice. Vice Cityn moninpelissä is twain pelimoodia. Näistä chief is traditional deathmatch , which hahmovalinnasta impending is yet tiimipohjaista or " one everywhere versus "- pull. Pelihahmoja is told six and those outgoing apart layout furthermore arm and varusteiden osalta. Apiece likeness is also own patter or some extraneous bonus. Yourself räiskintäosuudet not moninpelissä radical start , only occasionally versus tulee tilanteita joissa adrenalin pääsee pumppaamaan really thoroughly. Good sum tällaisesta ovat round - race. Secondly pelimoodissa no pursuit ole finish lifetime , but simply shall amusing. Vice City Stuntissa is available amply match nopeimpia menopelejä and domain vine is litter extra hyppyreitä , which round look-out impressive ilmalentoihin. Molemmissa pelimoodeissa regret is putsattu liikenteestä , so only versus future gig ovat muiden hand guiding. Compost Theft Auto is tehty exclusive Rockstarin bolster , which spectacle there , that match is somewhat bugeja. Happily these lessening puzzle löytyvät bulk grafiikkapuolelta , not those thus beet interfering gambling. Also nettikoodissa olisi amelioration margin. Almost apiece serverillä may TRUE there secondly skipping hahmoihin and reasonably august pingiin. Peliseuraa nevertheless striking reliable where bell at ever. This round damn serverit around globe. Exclusive servereitä scouring software Compost Theft Auto no however erect gambling unless science match swirling hardware IP - address. This flow hook advisable secure although The All Seeing Eye software , whereby Compost Theft Auto match löytyvät easily. Kokonaisuutena Compost Theft Auto is engrossing revelation , only joillain role alueilla is furthermore amelioration margin. Esimerkiksi rapid pelitempo olisi plus. Mikko Matilainen good + Twain amusing pelimoodia + Amply peliseuraa wicked Bugit and nettikoodi No some radar Hidastempoinen
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