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Where are people??

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OMG . What Im about to say to you is not Allowed in this forum :


************** *********~!@#$%^&*

Read the freakin manual! .

Now here's a quick way to get Peds in MTA :

1-Unplug You pc

2-Take it to the highest building on your city

3-Trow it from the last floor

4-Go down quicktly and check to see if peds appeared in MTA



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this topic was destined to be locked since the beginning....

Flesh eater, lets see. MTA is not made from a company. its written by people using their OWN FREE TIME. if u want to bitch at its bad parts, go bitch somewhere else. this is free, i dont see y u should be bithing about it.

maby if u actually SEARCHED before posting u would see that its almost impossible to implement peds in gta3/vc..... but i guess clicking SEARCH @ the top is too complicated for you anyways

:arrow::arrow::arrow: LOCKED

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