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Anyone who can host a server who can please start an RPG server? There used to be one called MMORPG something but it went offline about two days ago.

The blood bath deathmatch is fun, but it seems MTA:VC would go farther with atleast a little RPG taste in it. Sometimes it's better just to 'hang out' in the large Vice City and just chill with other people. After all, sometimes we just get a little annoyed by all the "newb" and "you suck" among other hateful comments, and it's interesting to see some players are actually kind in some ways.

... Just a suggestion.

I would host one, but I've got a shitty connection for hosting (Could only support about 8 people, tops) and my router has a firewall. I could get around the firewall but it would cause lag, etc.

Any other ideas regarding the RPG sense I'd appreciate... Good idea/Bad idea?

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Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

MTA is neither massive nor an rpg. get a new term.

so say you get 24 ppl in your server, the limit as far as i know. what do you do? stand around and talk? its not like there's a dragon anywhere to fight, or any villains actually. the only interactive elements are each other, guns and the vehicles. That narrows the actions down to driving talking and shooting. personally, i dont start conversations in games, which is what AIM MSN and IRC is for. now the only actions left are driving and shooting. and you can bet your sweet ass if i see a group of people just standing around bullshiting, im either going to become really good at Hit-And-Run, or im busting out the M16 and wasting all of you. so i dont suggest talking unarmed...

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I'm not suggesting an entirely new game mode. I just would like a server where the first thing people do when they see you is not shoot! The regular DM is fine and dandy, but sometimes I'd actually like to not have to watch my back all the time because of people shooting at you just because they can.

No mods involved, just a different set of "game rules" if you will. I mean if it wasn't meant for this, why are there cops, Cubans, robbers, etc? The whole RPG environment is set. I realize the characters are for TEAM PLAY, but if you think about it, it's more set for an RPG environment.

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some would see it that way, and others like myself would simply say fuck roleplaying. if i see someone in a server theyre dead, no questions asked. why make it complicated?

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Well, it's the different between Unreal Tournament 2003 and Star Wars: Galaxies or EverQuest.

Unfortunately it seems that Vice City could go either way, each having it's own benefits.

Servers for both types could work... Haven't you ever seen people on a server complaining about being killed while they get up to take a pee or to get a soda? Or simply getting tired of constantly being considered a "frag" rather than a player...

I'm not saying to totally get rid of deathmatch modes. I'll admit I enjoy them as much as I do anything else, but the game could also swing toward the RPG style.

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some would see it that way, and others like myself would simply say :o roleplaying. if i see someone in a server theyre dead, no questions asked. why make it complicated?

Dont go in a server like that. Easy.

Everyone has their preferences, so realize they're not always your own. I personally find it quite boring to always have to work to play... I dont think of not shooting someone on first sight an RPG but I feel such gameplay would be a little more relaxed and I would enjoy it.

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You should chill wit me and thug sumtimes we constantly try to role play, and as for whoever said u got cars and guns and thats it is an idiot you also got an imagination and a big ass city with buildings u can go in, we actually almost suceeded in having a roleplay until a 'must kill everything i see' person like yourself came in and fucked it up, we had an intricate ring thug was a drug lord i was his right hand dealer we hired hitmans to kill pesky people dealt drugs secretly pming locations of transactions and everything hoping the cops would play along and try to stake out down the block from our hq in ocean view hotel in a van sending an unmarked car to follow us closely when we left the vicinity pulling us over harassing us, what we got instead was noob cops who ran into our house and shot us for no reason but it was worth a try...it was fun for a littlebit, neway a roleplaying server would be nice

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roleplaying is fine and dandy, but "throwing a party at the club" or "going to the beach" does seem rather pointless.

a more practical rpg would be "im a robber and i'm robbing the bank, try and stop me you cops" or "we have a bomb, come to the mall to try and disarm it"

but if you want a non-violent gaming session, thats what stunt server is for.

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