Point Blank

Can mta users rhyme ?

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To me most people are terribly odd,

they talk about fish most usually Haddock.

I tell them i just dont want to know,

but still they have to go on and demonstrate

the best way to prepare this piscine delight

they want to make sure ill prepare it just perfectly

running away is the best thing to do

for this you require a quality boot

if running is out then theres only one way

to avoid fishy talk when you just have to remain

the idea is to make them recoil with shock

so just drop your trousers and show them your Cellphone.

Oh hang on, just realised this is for those who CAN rhyme, Damn, my bad

I once knew a man from nantucket

Whose cellphone was so big he could...? aaahh fuck it

hmm needs work well he was free nights and weekends oddly enough

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full clip is gay

..hey hey

yo, looks like im in the place to be, im smokin laced weed

my gats made of glass, whose this 'vass'?

looks like ima have to bust a couple caps up in his ass

you cant rap, so shut ya face

so take ya buzz and leave this place

better leave b4 my clips' replaced

and now i gotta go grab my ak's and barettas

cuz another fag named vendetta, wanna play?

but hey dont even think im gay, im straight

dont worry i feel for you, except its hate

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ur trying to be good

but u cant cos so is ur hood

ur telling me i cant rap

but u need at noon a nap

little boy get real

messing with me isnt the rught deal

u maybe get hurt

even if u throw dirt

u think u own

but ur there alone

im gonna bust u

fuck u

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slippin slidin

how im ridin

how im living

its a given

one step above the law

with an uppercut to your jaw

ill leave u breathless

clinging your necklace

having a deathwish

man please dont mess wit slo

last time they did that

sumone lost they bro

U KNOW!!!!!

yeah yeah thats proof that not errone from the south can rap.....at.....all

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LIke vash the stampede

i get out and i suceed

in whatever life i lead

im tryin to do ma best

but u puttin me to the test

like 50 im wearin a vest

cuz i cant be sure

what playa wants to lay me out

like Tupac Shakur

and beyond a doubt

yeah we going on tour

and even tho it fell apart

this rap is from my heart

didnt u know that from the start?

U got to say it with rythm....( i cant spell that word)

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lol rythym...why does it look so f**ked up? rhythm? hmm


so now ya tellin me i cant rap, what is this?

b*tch you wouldnt know rap if everyday was christmas

and everyday is christmas to me

cuz im always lightin up the tree

but dont worry bout me ima be rich

you? who knows prolly end up in the ditch

your techniques are not even techniques

you dont want none of this drama

hell, all you want is a friggin llama

so my advice to you is to go away

so you at least have a chance to live another day

an yea, i think i own, and i pwn

just like im lickin shots from dusk til dawn

so dont make me leave ya body parts scattered all ova ya lawn


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this is starting to get sad ,to see this happen

most of yall is spitting fairy tails, ur not even rappin

and befor i get to zappin, every one in the room

i gotta few questions to ask and they gotta be anwsered soon

wheres mac and wheres tek the life of the room the only true talent befor this thread turned to a zoo

filled with gay monkeys and ass licking baboons

these goons should be locked in a cage with out a chance or freedom

if i am the zoo keeper there luckey if i were 2 feed them

cuz there worthless not sommin i would listen to or even read and check out there specs

i only read 1 or 2 lines then i flip to the next

full clips not bad at least he rap's

the rest is wanna bes with fake nba hats

so i ma leave it at that and let the thread live on

befor it gets locked cuz of these people spittin barney songs

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meanwhile in this hood

niggaz trying to get to hollywood

they ask to light my fire

but i scream then LIAR (dunno why :lol: )

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silence please, everybody freeze -

shut the hell up im tryin to smoke some trees in peace

at least if your not rappin get da ffffffffffffff*ck out

ill have to pull my glock out - pistol whip ya ass da ffffffffffffff*ck out!

point blank is so right about this thread bein jewed

although it is a rhyme thread, shouldn't have to be said

this is for rap mothaf*ckaz look at my eyes they straight up red

you want to spit some gay-ass poetry

go create the gay-ass poetry thread

my shits iller than yours if you think not

il be at your door wit a four-four

P E A C E . . ..

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I know a game called gta,

and its good too play mta,

many likes vice city,

couse its a brand

new city, if you like

too play gta vice city

then you going too like

too play liberty city,

It was funny lol :wink:

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heres mine...

im walkin down da street wid me machetti

then someone pulls up in the baguette

he gets out and goes 'sup wanker'

so i say to him 'you said that to the wrong person bro coz now im gonna lamp ya'

he goes 'don't speak to me like that or ill shoot u in da head

i go 'go ahead coz your already dead'

1 bullet to the head is all you need

then all you see is all the homies smokin weed

1 of em goes yo, wannna drag?

i go no coz ur momma's a slag

he goes this guy talks good - fights good

i go let me in the fu*kin clan then blood

please don't ask me what a baguette is i don't know!

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if mine sucked then yours did too, it was predy same style, but u wrote alitle more :P

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Ok, Step A side, Guess Whos Coming Through the Dice!

Thats Right, SGlows here to whip yall asses on a forum for a dime!

You Say ur Style is Ill, But It seems to me dude u r the one that is really Ill,

Oh i see, U think u can start a rap here just like dat,

well guess what dude, wthout my lyrics, its plain crap!

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