Point Blank

Can mta users rhyme ?

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Clever Bastards-

Noel Coward was a Charmer

As a Writer he was Bhrama

Black Velvet and Pyjama's

Divorce, Gay and other Drama's

There ain't half been some Clever Bastards

There ain't half been some Clever Bastards

Van Gough did some eyeball pleasers

He must have been a pencil squeezer

He didn't do a Mona Lisa

That was the other Italian geeza

There ain't half been some Clever Bastards

Proberly got help from their mums

Who got help from their Mums

And now that we've had sum

Lets hope that theres lots more to come

Eistein can't be classed as witless

He claimed Atoms were the littlest

When you did a little bit of splitliness

It frightened everbody shitless!!

There ain't half been some Clever Bastards

There ain't half been some Clever Bastards

MTA are by far the best though

"DONT ASK QUESTIONS!" is their Motto

But they treat us like its Santa's Grotto


There ain't half been some Clever Bastards

There ain't half been some Clever.......................... Bastards!


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Here u go

Hackers 'n Cheaters on the net

Hackers 'n Cheaters on the net

Out ta' prove they're the best

Out ta' cheat 'n hack all the rest

Like a banger with a gun

Shootin' people just for fun

Hacker's and Cheaters on the net

The assholes only 12 years old

His fingers punchin' in some code

He's cheatin 'n is hackin his whole way in

He don't do it for pay

What he does is for play

Hacker's and Cheaters on the net

H-H-H-Hackers and Cheaters ooooooon the net.

Yo diggity doh!

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Wow i never saw this thread, Ill try and spit i wish i could get some instrumentals in here LOL

ok yo, check this, yer destination is a casket, when i put on the mask, kid

my task is seeing you bleed without bein' seen, cuz im barely sober, for me its always the end of october, its over

Ill spit a verse and you'll get injured, i murder with words so you better call the hearse, or worse, ill snatch ya purse, and if you curse, im pullin out my gats to sing my verse

got you splattered across the wall when my nine talks, murder you execution style like a crime boss, your style is rhyme loss, so when i reach in my pocket you better run and say fuck it, less you want this clip emptied in your eye socket

yo my shit is sick b, im comin from behind and im comin quickly, strictly, im swingin swiftly, you aint fightin back cuz died g, plus you cant identify me.

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Im holdin the grip on my mac

im comin up on you from the back

im aimin at your head

injectin you with lead

bitch learn from what i said, im leavin you squirtin red

when i empty my clips in, or more than half than, you got so many holes in ya you look like an afgan, leave you in a trashcan

now your crawlin with bugs, when ppl see your corpse it gonna make em nervous, cuz you got bugs on every inch of your epidermis

im tryin to spit, im kinda like eminem, but im gettin bugged by Tek on msn

close the curtain, u know i be gettin the fuckin blood squirtin, push the fuckin punk off the plank, i be turnin coca-cola cans into shanks, i twish the fuckin flesh into grotesque proportions i use a chainsaw (vrn vrn vrrrrrrrnnn) when im performin an abortion, i portion off all your fuckin parts, your corpse smells worse than putrid farts, im done this one i cant think of nothing else right now lol

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*steals ryhmes * records and puts on cd make 1 mill*

lol jk u spit sick bro

u record any thing ?>

nah i need a mic, i got some sic beats to record over...im currently on the phone il be back to spit an MTA rhyme, look out DeathB. :lol:

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*boom boom boom boom ba boom boom boom blah yadda blah poop whicky whicky whicky whew...rap is crap da da da something on my lap!

word to yo mutha!

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yea anyways...

{FBI}Mac-10 enters the game

{FBI}Mac-10: yo, yo, when i enter the game just keep playin the same cuz sooner or later your gonna need someone to blame, and flame but i dont give a fuck cuz kid, you suck, cuz kid, when i grab my gats, u might as well figure your erased, cuz im chasin you down little haiti and out the window with the mac, FBI crew in tha back, relax, while i snap your back, crack, smack your bitch-ass up and then im off to find another ass to harass. Best believin im waitin for you to spawn, have you sprawled across the lawn, in frona the airport, thats what im there for, ill fuck up everything that you care for, i take your own gat throw my clip in, cock the hammer back and *BLAAAAAAAAAAAAT* splat ur done kid. so c me, u betta run kid, and i aint playun, MTA's a game but im homocidal is all im sayun, im sprayun all my hollowpoints at ya, follow joints after joints and blowin tokes is what i do, so think twice about your actions when im followin you.


{FBI}Mac-10 has pwned you!

{FBI}Mac-10: LMAO

{FBI}Mac-10 timed out

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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeaa w00t w00t mak takin all deez mutha f.uckas out damn dude ur good....u should be signin a label wit aftermath records like soon dude blow them all away wit ur canadian war stories lol jkz jkz.....keep spittin dude 8)

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