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Can mta users rhyme ?

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Hey i wanted 2 start this to see some lyrical skill instead of gamming skill all the time so if any one can rap ,sing, or just put somming together that rhymes post up

they dont have to be good could be a joke or funny song lyrics u heard some where :!:


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No G

I can't rap

you gonna start talkin crap?

I'm gonna lay you flat with my gat

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lol nice seems we got sommin goin remember none of the raps or battle raps are supost to be takin personaly or as a insult to u :!:

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so let me bust sommin off

iight check it

I never was truely a mta fan till i joined tha forums

more sh*t talkin goes on here then in over crowded college dorms

but its all it good - its all fair sport

till we meet in the game and i let ur blood squrit

2 shots from the shotty or posible less

leave u layin in the dirt oh what a bloody mess

so keep it real like the cops and always pack a vest

it decres's the chance of u being put to rest 8)

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lemem rap

my name is jesus my right hand casues desees

my hand was set to youre weakness

whos white whos tight who smells like my ass wipe

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magic stick 50 cent remix :


matic clips

I got the matic clips

I kno if i can shoot once i can shoot twice

I let the hammer spit

Hommie dont belive me then i will let it bust tonight

And i will show u matics automatics

[best line]

When it comes to tec's dont test my skill

Bullets bend u over put ur heads at your heels

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[KFC]XCripsy is signable good at this but I have a few in the KFC thread this is one about a lamer named ATF

Reprinted with permission of ThaGrip...

turn my headphones up, louder , louder

uh uh

Another Story in the legend of KFC,

ATF said how he owned my gang and me

The Bitch drove by our house going 108,

said that proved his claim that he was so great

Blew up his Deluxo, bout to woop is ass,

He came out shootin of course he had a spaz

Bet the lamer was sorry that he dissed my boss,

When he knocked me down once, but couldn’t finish me off

He had a spas but this ahole still couldn’t kill,

So I showed his newb ass what it means to be ill

KungFu killed ATF, now his names up in lights,

No way he would rematch cause he’s all talk and no fight

Or all bark and no bite, well you get my point right?

Pick a new name newby cause ATF is marked,

KFC sees you in the server then your gonna get sparked

Next time you wanta talk shit I hope you remember,

What happened to your ass on the 28th of Demember

Or the last thing you see before the select screen,

Is Fu stepping over your body, Just to pick up your shotty

and another fan is born

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nice i like that one 8)

new rhyme

Cbk is now offically gonna get started

only thing u other gangs gonna hear is dearly departed

callin my name out ? no dont get me started i might have to flip on this mutha f**kin forum and go a lil retarted

but i dont think it will get to that i should call you guys mr toliet mouth cuz all u do is spit crap

about how ur the sickest when holding a gat ? f*ckin newb shot at me so i beat him down with a baseball bat

now fo real it cant get much realer then that

so people join cbk and kno what its like to roll with a real street cat

' not to kno one perticular just wanted to rhyme for cbk :P'

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lol ture its a music forum post what u want but it turned out to be more a battle forum but its all up 2 u what u wanna post 8)

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ummm . Lets do it , here's my rap

//Dgtadude Goes on stage and tries to rap...

//Dgtadude just stands there ...

//Dgtadude Walks off stage ...

"I was just nervous thats all"

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There once was a boy called yamm

who though it was clever to spam

but what he didnt know

cos of being so slow

was that post counts reset with a BLAM

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ummm . Lets do it , here's my rap

//Dgtadude Goes on stage and tries to rap...

//Dgtadude just stands there ...

//Dgtadude Walks off stage ...

"I was just nervous thats all"


good one, just picture the audience in thier underwear that's what I do. The odd thing is that I wasn't nervous I just did that for fun :oops:

*runs to tell Crispy, TueKid and Tek about this thread*

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These are two more old ones from the KFC gang thread, XCripsy has a bunch but he can put them here himself

Another one from the Fu

Blame Crispy he got me started

Get Bill out my thread I think he just farted

This is for all the bitch ass runners, just stand and fight.

uh uh

Running from tha Grip is a big mistake

KungFu is just relentless when it comes to a chase

I lace up my nikes for the big race

You’re going to the select screen a big disgrace

While your corpse jogs in place, right in my face

Go to the stunt server if you don’t want to get shot

With KFC in the room, you’ll get hit a lot

You think not? We lick shots and make it hot

So say you’ll get away, I’ll make you a liar

Don’t hop in a car, bitch or I’ll set it on fire

I’m still chasing you and I’ll never get tired

You thought I would kill you and you know that you’re right

I got lots of ammo and my aiming is tight

You’re a bitch ass coward that’s too scared to just fight

I’ll chase you for hours just outta spite

I kill with precision and the greatest of ease,

You sound like a punk, with your “don’t kill me please?”

Now you wanna run? don’t even try

Just put your guns down and keep your hands high

KFCs are killers and we kill for fun, so don’t run

I’ll even give you a chance to get some health and a gun

I am the cure and you bitchin’s the disease

So, Just die on your feet and don’t live on your knees

Couldn't name everyone but here's the next one.

KFC has joined the server, you shake your head disgusted

If you’re not a punk you will stay but you know you’ll get busted

One on one? he’ll take you apart in the blink of an eye

It’s his specialty so if you’re smart you won’t f*** with Pi

If Nugget’s in your server there’s no way you can win

Don’t get in XCripsy’s car if you don’t like to swim

Crunch is new to the KFC gang but not to the game

If he catches you slippin’ in the city then u gonna feel pain

No gang is complete if you don’t have some thugz

He will bust you when he finds you w/ some fat shotty slugz

Wheelmans the real deal man your cap he’ll peel man

Tha Grips a legend in his own mind, a legend in his tight rhymes

I’ve showed and proved enough times, f*** with me get traced in chalk lines

Our game is tight, We flex, mighty like the mouse

You scared to fight?, get the f*** out of our house

Not saying these are the best but I hope you do :lol:

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not bad not bad seems like where gettin some talent in the forum i ma bust sommin for u real quick


yo grip slowly but surley cbk is building out shit

i wanted to ask sommin but listen up and dont flip

would cbk be able to allie with ur crew

u kno i am holding down the talent and could benifit u

cuz mine and ur gangs have docter degrees in thuganomitry

and we both no how to hold a gun properly

killing people who just stright up and called our names

we may have diff tatics but we both kill the same

leavin nuttin left but just stright out mess

so what u say allie then no body could test ?

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lol nice.

We don't have allies I figure that's less people to shoot. We are cool with everyone but we still want to fight in game. With a few individual exceptions we try to kill everyone who doesn't have a KFC on thier name. We have a few former gang leaders in the gang now though. The former leaders of NwG, VE and BXK have all found a home here. If you ever get tired of leading and your good ingame maybe you would want to join. Until then good luck with CBK. Sorry this doesn't rhyme, :lol:

(we also have the leaders of MJFC but we are not real proud of that :lol: )

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lol np

kung fu grip one of the best dons

runnin the game tru ands not cheap killing them spawns

and its ok if u dont wanna allie i can see ur point of view

thanks for the luck for me and the cbk crew

but i like ur idea cuz then there is less people to kill

if u dont kill and shed blood how els u gonna be come the king of the hill

but to tell u i wont hesitate to cap a kfc for the crew no matter if its a member or just u

no hard feelins cuz where both gang leaders in the game

and in a all out view where in the family so where all the same

but if u ever need help just holla at me and the sic made crew

cuz i garented cuz of the respect u shown we will be ther first 2 roll u and help ur crew

and thanks for the respect

cuz i respect u 2 8)

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Player, give me some brew an I might just chill,

but I'm the type that like to light another joint

Like Cypress Hill

I'm steal doobies spit loogies when I puff on it,

I got some bucks on it, but it ain't enuff on it

go get the S-t. I-d-e-s

never the less, I'm hella Fresh,

rollin joints like a cigarrette

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