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"sanity" A Vice City Music Video =D

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Only have 1 problem with it... "The First Vice City Music Video" ?!?We all know its NOT the 1st dude. In "Upbeat" you lacked personal style and now your lacking class.


Well as far as i was aware it was the first "music video" but hey thx for patching that up. :roll:

and about Upbeat lacking personal style? Well hey, it isnt my fault if we like the same things. I like abaddon, and just cause your video had some of the effects doesnt mean that i copied it, honestly i never saw your opening to your video.

and i can assure you, i would never want to "copy" anyone, so just take it as a freaking compliment that somebody has the same tastes as you, and stop freaking when they make videos.

and yes the stunts were just fillers/humorous :wink:

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